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Vintage and Trendy: The Best of Both Worlds through Olivia Burton Watches

Never be torn again between vintage and up-to-date styles because with Olivia Burton watches, you can have both perfectly rolled into one!

With its careful attention to detail, Olivia Burton exquisitely blends vintage inspirations with today's trends. It is famous for creating the finest women's watches that are not only stylish but also full of personality and charm. Whether the collection's theme is floral, animal or Chrono, it sure is bursting with its signature feminine appeal.

Introducing the Olivia Burton Watches of Different Dial Sizes

This brand also has you covered with a variety of dial sizes to choose from. From Big Dial to Midi Dial, down to their Mini Dial, you can certainly pick whatever suits you best.

Big Dial is perfect for women who prefer oversized watches. It comes with a measurement of 38mm in diameter. Should you choose to wear something that makes for a more subtle statement, Olivia Burton offers the Midi Dial, which measures 30mm in diameter. Finally, the Mini Dial size is something that works just right for layering with bracelets. Although this is the tiniest timepiece of the brand (with a 20-23mm diameter size), it definitely is grand in impact!

Collections and Metal Colours of Olivia Burton Watches

While the Olivia Burton watch collection updates and varies from time to time, here are a few primers of what you must look for in the brand.

If you wish to mark your watch with your name (or with any combination of letters or numbers), you may opt for their Personalised collection. Your chosen characters will be embossed on the soft leather strap. Don't get lengthy, as this is only available for up to seven characters. Aside from that, they have these wholesome and responsibly sourced watch items in their Vegan-Friendly collection. You may also shop for Bracelet Watches, Straps, and their signature Pastels, Florals, and Animals. Do not forget their stunning Limited Edition watch collection and gift sets are absolutely a must-have.

This brand further impresses us with its wide-range of metal colours. With their black, brown, gold, gunmetal, rose gold, and silver options, you may now pick what matches best with your taste.

All in all, there is no doubt about what Olivia Burton can delight us with. A perfect mix of vintage and trendy, topped with an array of options on the size, collection, and colour what more are you looking for?

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