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Buying Men’s Watches Made Simple

Having a lot of options when buying watches online can be a good thing. However, it can become a bad thing when you get overwhelmed with the multitude of choices available. The plethora of choices can intimidate the first-timer, and even seasoned buyer. But don’t fret just yet. Here’s a handy, stripped-down-to-the-basics guide in buying men’s watches.

Factors to Consider When Buying Watches Online for Men

Here are three things to look at when buying watches.

  • Movement. This is all about how the watch functions properly. Choose between the two: automatic or electronic. Automatic watches are old-fashioned watches that depend on a pendulum to accurately tell the time, while electronic watches depend on a quartz crystal and are usually battery-operated. Automatic watches are works of art because of the detailed craftsmanship involved in its gears. Electronic watches, on the other hand, are extremely accurate when compared to automatic ones.

  • Function. Consider the kind of lifestyle you have. What are you going to use the watch for? If you are a person with an active lifestyle, consider getting men’s watches jampacked with features such as night-vision capacity, compasses, GPS, blood pressure monitors, and water resistance, among others. These add-on features will usually add a hefty amount of money on the actual cost of the watch. So make sure that you are indeed going to use these features so they won’t go to waste. The two most common specialised types of men’s watches in this category are the diver’s watch and pilot’s watch.

  • Form. You can choose from dress watches that you can wear every day, or opt for luxurious, designer watches to make a statement. For the band, you can choose metal for everyday activities or leather for that added subtle touch during a special occasion. Stick to safe, neutral colours that are appropriate to wear in a business setting.

Tips to Consider When Buying Men’s Watches

Now that you know what to look for, let’s discuss your options for looking for the right men’s watch.

  • Go online. Now that the holiday rush is almost upon us, you don’t have to brave the crowds and the traffic. Simply choose an online store such as Ice Jewellery Australia when buying men’s watches.

  • Don’t solely depend on the online store or the distributor. Check the manufacturer’s website for the features and details of the watch you are planning to buy.

  • Quality trumps affordability. Every single time. Don’t buy a cheaper or a fake version of a luxurious watch. Remember that this is an investment that can last you a long, long time. Do yourself a favour and buy the watch you really want. This will benefit you in the long run.

  • Choose from quality brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Tissot, Daniel Wellington or Armani.

Our Favourite Men's Watches

Armani watches have proven to be our most popular and stylish watches on our catalogue. However, Tissot are stunning luxury watches that combine a vintage style with modern touches. Alternatively, Tommy Hilfiger watches are the best go-to watches to add a little bit extra to your outfit.

Ice Jewellery Australia offers convenience when shopping for watches online. Check out our website for the latest designs in men’s and unisex watches!