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Which Necklace Should You Wear?

A necklace can definitely spice up any outfit in a second. But with the different types and styles of necklaces out there, how do you decide which one to wear and for which occasion? Follow this simple guide to find out.

Donning Diamond Necklaces

These days, not only the rich and famous can sport the elegance and sophistication of diamonds. However, note that diamond necklaces should be reserved for very special occasions. They should be worn not during daytime, but during night time, when their glitz and glamour would shine more brightly.

Wear diamond necklaces during weddings, special dinners, special office celebrations, and other social occasions that call for elegance and sophistication. The famous little black dress is more often associated with a diamond necklace, but that doesn't mean you cannot pair it with any other wardrobe. Just match it with any elegant dress or outfit.

Going for Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces never go out of style. Any ensemble is automatically glamourized with the addition of a gold necklace. Gold plated jewellery most often complements people with warm skin colour. Gold necklaces also come in white gold, for those who do not prefer the striking yellow gold colour. Make sure though that if you would like to wear a gold necklace with a coloured gem, the earrings, bracelet and other jewelleries match each other.

Slip on Silver Necklaces

While those who are dark-skinned or with yellow undertones prefer gold, those with cooler skin and rose hues are more apt for silver jewellery. The strategy is not to overwhelm your skin too much.

Silver necklaces has been a mainstay and a tried and tested accessory for evening wear. The appeal of silver jewellery is its ability to make precious gems like diamonds and crystals shine and shimmer like no any other. In the same way, it reflects natural light perfectly. While gold jewellery is ideal for a beach sunset scene, silver jewellery is great with moonlight and diffusing moonbeams. And it is because of these that silver necklaces are perfect in dramatizing any look.

The choice of whether to go for diamond, gold or silver necklace actually depends mostly on which one best suits your personality. Any of the three is sure to accentuate and glamourize one's getup instantly.

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