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About Diamond Bracelets at Ice Jewellery

There's jewellery, and then there's classic diamond jewellery. Don't get us wrong: the sterling silver bangle you throw on when you head to the beach looks great, and it suits you. That gemstone bracelet that you like to wear to brighten up a black ensemble? Love it! But let's face it, for pure elegance wrapped around your wrist, it's hard to beat a diamond bracelet.

Elegance doesn't mean plain, or boring. We've got as many types of diamond bracelets as you've got moods. Draw attention to that beautiful rock with a gold bracelet. Put on your glam with a glittering, diamond-studded cuff bracelet. Feel like a princess (or even a queen) with a stunning yet affordable diamond tennis bracelet. Did we just use the words affordable and diamond bracelet in the same sentence? Why yes, yes we did. Take a look and prove us wrong.

Celebrate Femininity with Diamond Bracelets

Whatever your work is, whatever your status, line of business, belief, hobby, and taste, there will be a time when all you want to be is yourself. At the end of the day, all you want to be is a woman, and you just want to celebrate it. You just want to shout to the world that you are a woman - strong, smart, and capable.

Diamond Bracelets and Womanhood

Diamond bracelets embody the message of femininity and womanhood. Like women, they are simple but elegant, fine but delicate, timeless and enduring. Having a piece of this symbolic jewellery around your wrist can be a subtle but substantial statement: that you are a woman capable of doing what everyone else can.

Come to think of it, this tennis bracelet got its name from a woman and not just a woman, but a popular tennis star. It happened when Chris Evert, the Sharapova and Williams of the '80s, requested the officials to stop the game to look for her diamond bracelet that had fallen unclasped on the court.

That game captured many media outfits' attention, which soon reached the ears of designers around the world. Since then, the bracelet comprised of small diamonds has been called a tennis bracelet. This historical event reminds us that once a woman has stopped the world by simply being a woman, a woman looking for her favourite piece of jewellery.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets for Both Men and Women

Femininity isn't just about being a woman, but also being equal. This is why these days, there are now tennis bracelets for men too. This speaks a lot about the similarities between men and women which can also be fashionable and elegant.

So if you're a girl and think of giving a tennis bracelet to your dad, husband, or brother, then it is a good gesture. And if you're a boy then it could leave a lasting smile to your mum, girlfriend, or sister. Giving them diamond tennis bracelets might appear to be a simple gesture compared to giving them a ring or a bouquet of flowers, but this gift actually means a lot more. Surely, they'll feel the appreciation, that you acknowledge their being a woman.

Fortunately, it is no longer difficult to find the most elegant diamond tennis bracelets for yourself or your loved ones. Ice Jewellery has the most fashionable ones in our online catalogue. From simple silver to white gold to the finest diamonds, you won't get in any better shop in Australia!

Glamorous Living Knows No Time or Place with a Diamond Bracelet

Shirley Bassey was dead serious upon claiming in her song that Diamonds are forever. They are without any doubt the hardest naturally-occurring material. Its name was derived from the Greek 'adamas', a word that means cannot be broken. Indeed its record of being the most coveted gemstone since time immemorial has not yet been broken.

Because of its stunning beauty and sparkle, the diamond has been commonly used in crafting exquisite jewellery pieces for women. Its most popular usage is in the production of engagement rings wherein diamonds are said to symbolise the man's undying love for his partner.

The Diamond Bracelet Is Perfect For Everyday Use

The diamond bracelet is an accessory that has been slowly being gaining the attention of jewellery lovers worldwide. Most of us would think that diamond pieces are only used for very special occasions.

However, jewellery designers have realised that a woman can still be glamorous and sophisticated wherever she is or whatever season it may be. This realisation has given birth to many designs that will surely make a woman's heart skip a beat.

Be sure to checkout our range of diamond ringsdiamond necklaces, bangles and diamond earrings while you're here as well!

Tennis Diamond Bracelet

The tennis diamond bracelet is made up of tiny diamonds combined together to make up a simple bracelet. This dainty piece of accessory was given its name when tennis sensation Chris Evert stopped in the middle of an intense match because her diamond bracelet had fallen off. The mere fact that a woman is willing to put her career on hold to search for a diamond bracelet has been so endearing to the people that it has been engraved in their minds ever since. This stylish diamond bracelet can be easily worn on any occasion, whether it is during a fancy event or a simple outdoor party wearing a plain blouse and jeans.

Diamond Bangle Bracelet

This kind of diamond bracelet is meant to cater to those who prefer a simpler design using only a few pieces of diamonds embellished on a single band. It is more suitable for younger women.

Charm Diamond Bracelet

Feeling sentimental? The charm diamond bracelet enables the personalisation of designs from the owner's initials or symbols that hold a special meaning to the woman's heart. The charm diamond bracelet appeals to all ages.

Would you like to have a diamond bracelet to cherish? Ice Jewellery offers you exquisite bracelets online that are sure to emanate elegance from your wrists.