Wedding & bridal jewellery is typically elegant and sophisticated, featuring diamonds, pearls, and precious metals. It complements the bride's attire and enhances her beauty.

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So, you've decided to pop the question to your girlfriend. Have you chosen the right engagement ring for the girl that you are about to marry? If you think that shopping for engagement ring is easy, think again. When you go to the jewellery shop, you will find out that engagement rings look practically the same, there's a shiny rock on top of a pretty band and that band costs more than an average person's monthly salary. So, how then would you be able to choose the right ring from among the many engagement rings in the shop? How do you determine which is the perfect ring for your girl? Here are some important considerations that you might want to consider when you go shopping!

Size: Before you even consider the four C's (clarity, colour, cut, carat), determine first the shape of the stone that your future fiance wants. Shape refers to the stone's geometry as opposed to cut, which pertains to the angles of the stone's facet.

Setting: Setting pertains to the metal frame where the ring stone is mounted. This is crucial in setting the tone for her ring. Make sure that you get the right combination of shape and setting. For instance, if you choose to get a solitaire engagement ring stone, it would look modern if it were framed in a bezel setting. An oval-shaped stone looks great in a four-prong setting.

Style: Does she prefer platinum or silver to yellow gold? Does she fancy vintage jewels to simple and classic pieces? The ring that you're going to give her would be extra special if you pay close attention to the jewellery that she wears.

Metal Type: There is a variety of metal to choose from platinum, gold, palladium, and a whole lot more. Platinum is very durable and is a great choice for brides with sensitive skin since this metal is hypoallergenic. Meanwhile, you have a lot of colour choices if you prefer gold yellow, rose, white, and even green.

Budget: Engagement rings , and even wedding rings, need not be expensive to be beautiful. If you would be heavily indebted when you buy her that engagement ring that you particularly like, then it is not the perfect ring for your girl. You can always find her the best ring without costing you a fortune.