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Shine as diamond-bright with a cubic zirconia necklace

Diamonds - those incredibly lovely stones that are known for their exquisite cuts and incomparable lustre - are one of the most coveted gems in the world. Apart from their aesthetic value, they are also known for their strength, and are the hardest known natural material - they even cut glass. Diamonds are used for industrial purposes and in the manufacturing of cutting tools, but they are more commonly used in jewellery-making.

Jewellery strewn with diamonds can be very expensive, so only the wealthy can afford them. However, you can still enjoy its lustre and luxurious properties with the beautiful cubic zirconia.

What is cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia, or CZ, is a synthetic mineral that is often used as a diamond substitute. It is significantly more affordable than diamonds, despite having a lot of similar properties. Because they are synthetic, they can be designed to be absolutely colourless at a fraction of the price of colourless diamonds, which are very rare.

CZ is also known to be relatively hard, harder than most natural gemstones. Unlike diamonds, they are virtually flawless. They are not used industrially and are mainly used as gemstones.

Glam up with cubic zirconia pendants

At Ice Jewellery, we aim to provide our customers with superior value for their money. This is why we offer cubic zirconia pendants in a wide variety of sophisticated styles to suit any budget and style preference. Choose one in a dramatic shape and size as the perfect accent piece for your evening gown. You may also opt for a smaller, simpler design to dress up your casual tee and jeans ensemble.

Our selection of pendants will always look classy, whether your chain is made of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. You can choose to have these stones coloured for a more exotic and festive look! They don't just make fashionable accent pieces, they make great conversation starters, too.

A beautiful cubic zirconia necklace makes a perfect gift for the women in your life who have excellent taste in jewellery. You can also get one (or more) for yourself because you certainly deserve the pretty little things! The best part is you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for such a beautifully-designed, well-made piece of jewellery.

Ice Jewellery takes pride in our excellent craftsmanship. We make sure that all of our jewellery items are packaged beautifully.