Amethyst Rings

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The Lavished Beauty of Amethyst Rings

Amethyst gemstones are extravagant crystalline quartz in hues of purple, lavender, or mauve. They are believed to preserve life and protect a person from possible harm when worn. Displayed in fine robes and linens, purple is the true colour of worth and nobility. That is why for thousands of years, this striking quartz is a coveted gemstone highly appreciated by those in the royal, secular, and ecclesiastical line. Even the Russian Empress Catherine the Great commissioned thousands of miners to search for it in the Ural Mountains.

In ancient times, amethyst is regarded as the Gem of Fire, equally notable and precious as diamonds. Faceted into magnificent jewels, amethyst exhibits a beauty that is beyond compare. What is even more compelling is that amethyst has preserved its meaning and magnificence even in today's world. Amethyst, especially those crafted into amethyst rings, has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its splendour.

Amethyst Rings for a Perfect Lady

To all who love gorgeous gemstones, amethyst rings are an amazing gift. Glimmering purples, rich violets, and warm mauves are all characteristic of striking amethyst rings. Even more wonderful, they are captivating no matter what shade of purple it happens to be. Just because it is the birthstone of February, it doesn't mean it is only those who are February-born who will appreciate amethyst rings.

Exuding with exceptional charm, amethyst rings are a treasure to everyone who has a passion for tasteful and exquisite bijoux. They are not purely ornamental. The smoky, translucent facade of amethyst rings also reflects the dainty and graceful personality of the wearer. Such jewels also stimulate the passion for creativity and new ideas, creating a woman not just of beauty but also of substance. Other special virtues such as chastity, spiritualty, and contentment are also promoted by wearing any amethyst accessory.

Highly Valuable Amethyst Rings

Each ring at Ice Jewellery is carefully crafted using the finest quality gemstones and metals and under the meticulous eyes of our expert jewellers. No matter what type of amethyst piece you select from our vast ring collection, you can count on it becoming a bold statement of your refined taste. Ice Jewellery's amethyst rings are created from genuine amethyst gemstones that are one of the most highly valuable in the range.

Looking for a precious gemstone ring that could send shivers to your spine every time you wear it on your finger? Indulge in Ice Jewellery's extraordinary collection of amethyst rings, bracelets, and necklaces made by talented artists who have eyes for beauty.