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Heirloom Quality Locket Necklace

There is nothing more intriguing or interesting than a piece of jewellery with a history behind it. It could be a pair of earrings that have seen the love and tragedy of two lovers. It could maybe be a wedding ring that has withstood the war, migration, and the start of a new life. And maybe it could be a locket necklace that has been passed down from mother to child, generation to generation. If a locket necklace could talk, oh what stories could it tell?

A delicate locket necklace could be something that you can give to your daughter as her inheritance. Even if you only just bought it, if it is a high-quality locket necklace, it could be the start of several generations' worth of history.

A Locket Necklace to Discover

Intrinsic to a locket necklace is the possible mystery it may contain. You can't help but yearn to open it and find the secret encased within. The possibility of discovering an aged photograph of a woman or a piece of note is all you ever need to stir your imagination with an exquisite locket necklace.

It is not hard to imagine a locket necklace that has gone through decades of happiness, hardships, triumphs, and suffering. Before you pass your locket necklace down to your daughter, place something special within it. Let her discover it on her own. It could be a cherished photo of the two of you or a short note that she can read from time to time. A special locket necklace could really be something she could keep with her long after you have gone.

Choose the Perfect Locket Necklace

At Ice Jewellery Australia, you can take your pick from our selection of exquisite and memorable locket necklace. We also carry several brands such as THOMAS SBAO that have crafted only the most stunning and lovely locket necklace. Choose a locket necklace in several shapes, metals, finishes, and even engravings. There's even a locket necklace in the shape of an apple for a more unique take on this jewellery.

The THOMAS SABO Arabesque and Sun Amulet locket necklace creation are especially charming because of the intricate details that are very apparent in its design. The Arabesque is in the shape of a heart with a smaller heart inside made of sterling silver. The Sun Amulet is also very distinct with its spherical shape studded with cubic zirconia gemstones. Whatever your preference is, you will surely find the perfect locket necklace here at Ice Jewellery.

Give the gift of heirloom-quality locket necklace. Visit us at Ice Jewellery Australia for the best piece of inheritance to give to your daughter.