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Trendy and Traditional Cross Necklaces

What is most interesting about jewellery is that no matter how simple it looks, there is almost always a bigger and deeper story behind it. If you are not an expert jeweller, never judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, never judge jewellery by its appearance. Bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that are uniquely designed or styled with one-of-a-kind concepts should not be judged rashly.

A prime example of such jewellery is the cross necklace. Its appearance, especially depending on the designer, can be very deceptive. Seeing a cross necklace, you might immediately think that it is merely for religious purposes. However, again depending on the design, a cross necklace is now leaning more towards a trendy approach. Not only is the cross necklace limited to priests, nuns, and other religious people. Young and trendy people nowadays are seen wearing a cross necklace for a more aesthetic purpose.

Cross Necklaces as a Great Addition to your Outfit

With the boom of the 'goth' and 'emo' movement, a cross necklace is seen as more of a fashion statement. But of course, wearing a cross necklace doesn't necessarily mean that you only belong to either the religious sect or the 'emo' movement. Again, depending on the design, a cross necklace can mean a lot of things.

Any way you choose to wear it, a cross necklace can be a really beautiful accent to your wardrobe. Wear it with shorts or a jeans and shirt get-up for a more casual look. You can also class up a dress or a skirt and blouse ensemble with a cross necklace borne on an elegant chain. The options are endless with a great cross necklace. You only need your imagination to wear a cross necklace creatively and elegantly.

Chic Recreations of the Cross Necklace

Here at Ice Jewellery Australia, we believe that traditional emblems don't need to be boring. Our collection of cross necklace is reimagined into something that would fit the modern wearer. Of course, the more conventional tastes will still find something to satisfy their wants here. Designers such as THOMAS SABO, among others, have crafted various renditions of the cross necklace.

If you are looking for a more conservative cross necklace, Pastiche has crafted a cross necklace in matte and oxidised steel that will look gorgeous with a black dress. For more elegant tastes, we also have a cross necklace studded with sapphires and diamonds perfect for a classy night out. Lastly, people with a more exotic style will fall in love with the THOMAS SABO sterling silver Tudor cross necklace or the Obsidian cross necklace, each with a distinct skull detailing. A very interesting piece upon closer look.

Find your own style with an elegant or exotic cross necklace. Visit us at Ice Jewellery Australia to discover one for yourself today