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Gemstone Rings: Origin of Colours

Gemstone rings and other gemstone jewellery pieces are fascinating. They have mesmerising colours and wonderful brilliance that make one feel like royalty when these rings are worn. 

Even jewellers and designers alike love creating rings, gemstone necklaces, and gemstone earrings because they can be crafted in creative and beautiful cuts.

Colours of Gem Rings

Have you ever wondered how gemstones get their colours? The colour perception of gem rings and other pieces of jewellery is brought about by three factors: our eyes, the object that we are looking at, and the light that shines on this object. Not all eyes see colours the same way. Every person with normal eyesight has cone-like structures that spread out over the retina. These structures determine a person's sensitivity to colour and visual acuity. If a person is colour blind, the receptors of the eyes are non-functional or defective.

Meanwhile, when light hits a gemstone, this light may either be reflected or dispersed internally. There may also be wavelengths of white light that would interact with the structure of the stone, thus changing its state. What is therefore absorbed and emitted is altered. Inclusions in gemstones may also interfere with the light that enters the gem. When this happens, light becomes scattered or diffracted.

Indeed, there are a lot of things going on inside a gemstone.

Popular Gemstones

Over 2,000 gemstones are already known to the human race but only a few of them are used in gem rings. Among the most common are the following: diamond, aquamarine, sapphire, ruby, topaz, emerald, and amethyst. Each of the gemstones has its own unique characteristics.

For instance, aquamarine, lucky stone of sailors, has hues that range from pale light blue to blue and blue to green. The rarest types are aquamarine gemstones that are or mid to deep blue. They are believed to bring health and happiness to the wearer.

Meanwhile, emerald is a strikingly green gemstone that is popular for engagement and eternity rings. It is naturally flawless and is treated through an oiling process so that its clarity will be enhanced. Ruby is considered the third hardest natural gemstone in the world. It has a deep red colour, with the finest ones showing primary hues of rich red. Secondary ones exhibit the hues of orange, purple, and pink.

About Gemstone Rings at ICE

Bling much? Raise your hand. Ah, yes, we can see the sparkle on your finger. Very nice. You over there? What, no gemstones? Tut, tut. Time to take a ring measurement (we can help you out with that) and do some clicking around at Ice Jewellery. Because we have amethyst rings with diamonds, heart-shaped sapphire rings, blue topaz gold rings, ruby-studded silver rings ... and so on and so on and so on. In short, we have bling and lots of it. Our rings online are one of a kind. 

It's not just about the sparkle, it's about the attitude. Brassy, sassy, serious or silly, there's a gemstone ring out there with your personality written all over it, just waiting to be slipped on. Many facets to your personality? No problem, our multi-faceted selection has you covered. And because our gemstone rings are so easy on the pocketbook, you can afford to dress up more than one of your moods with a nice piece of bling.

Ice Jewellery Australia offers you a beautiful and wide selection of gemstone engagement rings, earrings, and gemstone bracelets at great prices. We carry gems of various cuts, shapes, sizes, and clarity. No matter what the occasion is, you'll certainly find jewellery pieces that will take your breath away.