Our Story

Where it all began

The Molnar's have been in jewellery for as long as anybody can remember. Ron and Michele Molnar ran a jewellery store in Wynyard Station in Sydney's CBD for 30 odd years and sons Nick and Simon Molnar took their concept to the online world. In 2008, Simon started selling jewellery on eBay and not long after, Nick took over the mantle to become one of the largest sellers of jewellery on eBay in Australia. The decision was made to transition from eBay to a standalone website and Nick launched ice.com, America's largest online-only jewellery retailer into the Australian market. Soon after, Simon jumped back on board and the pair grew Ice Jewellery to become Australia's largest online-only jewellery retailer.

Ice Jewellery Australia

The Birth of Afterpay

Towards the end of 2014, Nick had co-founded Afterpay with Ice the first ever retailer. Not long after, Nick left Ice to focus solely on Afterpay and Simon took over the helm. In December 2016, Ron and Michele closed their store and Michele joined the Ice team, bringing a wealth of jewellery knowledge and experience to help give Ice a huge boost.


Ice is the little secret of the most fashionable, stylish shoppers who want to sparkle without breaking the bank. Our in-the-know fine jewellery experts regularly scour the globe for the latest styles and trends to bring you the most elegant and dazzling jewellery collections. Whether you're looking to shine at your next happy hour or cocktail party or for a unique, special gift, Ice has got you covered, delivering to your satisfaction or...we hand your money right back – 100% guaranteed.

Ice Jewellery Australia

We know Jewellery & Our Customers

We're one of the first companies to turn a jewellery store into an online shopping experience and since 2012 thousands have enjoyed our fun, easy, secure and hassle-free site. We know our customers are savvy, smart shoppers, so we pride ourselves on delighting them every single day. Besides our loyal customers, we have a few other admirers. Internet Retailer lists us as one of the top shopping sites online, while media giants like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CBS' The Early Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show have all cheered us on.

 For every artist, there is always that possibility that your art will outshine you. Although you are the one who created a particular piece of art, it is not you who will get noticed. Instead, recognition is given to the piece itself, regardless of where it came from, or who created it. It becomes a separate entity from the artist, to be enjoyed by those who see it: those who can only notice the piece, and not the maker.

 This is also true for jewellers who craft their little sculptures of metal, or are responsible for selling them. They create little things of great value, ones that will be appreciated for their precise cuts, clear stones, and shiny metal. Jewellery will not be stared at to imagine who made the precise cuts, cleared the stones, and shined the metal. These people, who are rarely given credit, are the jewellers.

How Jewellers Work Their Magic

The jewellers who shell out the amazing accessories we may someday wear have to learn and follow long, specific instructions. These will then produce beautiful pieces of art that we can wear. Usually, the casting method includes:  

Wax, in the exact shape of the future piece of jewellery, is moulded. The wax is covered in a plaster casing. Afterwards, the covering is heated to let the wax melt away, leaving a plaster cast with a hollow in the shape of the ring. This cast undergoes centrifugal casting, where gold is placed into the mould and is allowed to spread throughout the cast. After cooling, the cast is broken apart to reveal the jewellery. As you may have guessed, creating jewellery is no easy task. Jewellers have to look at very intricate details, and at the same time be able to work their hands in heat. They do different types of things to create a single artwork that will be exhibited by someone else.

Ice Jewellery Australia

Top jewellers at Ice Jewellery

Ice Jewellery Store sells quality jewellery for customers who may not be able to visit a store for accessories. We are jewellers in the business sense, but we are jewellers all the same. We make sure that our jewellery is well crafted, and we allow the customer to take pride in them. 

We hope you love everything about Ice, but in case you have a question, call us at:

(08) 8110 4196 or e-mail us at info@iceonline.com.au