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The Opulence brought by Emerald Rings

The gemstone Emerald, known for its beautiful green shade, was made famous in 'Wizard of Oz' Emerald City. It is a gem that is a perfect mix of the mineral beryl and brought a green shade by little amounts of elements chromium and vanadium. And just like most gems, its quality can be determined by 4 basic characteristics known as the 4 C's - colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight. It can be used on all types of jewellery, but most famous and often seen on emerald rings.

Emerald Rings: A History

Even in the bible, there were sightings of the use of emerald jewellery. In traces of history, the Spaniards were also known for loving the green gemstone and have actually used it for architecture in buildings and fashions that are now considered classic art.

During the Victorian period, there were also the presence of emerald rings. Emerald was actually known as a colour of luxury and royalty, so it would be possible to find emerald jewellery in Victorian collections. Ireland, known for clovers and leprechauns, considers the green gemstone as a stone for good fortune. That is why the emerald can often be seen in different Irish jewellery, architecture, fashion and design.

Who Should Wear Emerald Rings

The lovely green hue of the emerald, coming from the beryl gems family, is known for its vibrant shade that is soothing to the eyes, and almost clears the mind and gives off peace in one's heart. Even though you shine it with different kinds of light, it amazingly retains its wonderful green colour and lustre.

Another advantage of the gemstone emerald is that it is known to counter the negative effects of mercury. That is why, emerald rings are also known as a counter charm for bad luck and ill fortune. It is also known to help improve one's presence of mind and power of reasoning. With this, emerald rings are recommended to be worn by those whose jobs require much reasoning, logic and judgment skills, such as diplomats, scientists, teachers, astrologers, doctors, architects, businessmen, writers, publishers, engineers, post officers, insurance agents, accountants, medical personalities, and all sorts of intellectuals.

Where to Get Emerald Rings

Emerald rings are graded against the 4 C's -- colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. And if you want to be assured of the high quality and authenticity of the jewellery you are about to purchase, make sure you get it from a true, reliable source. Here at Ice Jewellery, you are guaranteed of the genuineness and high quality of all kinds of jewellery you are about to purchase.

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