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Bianc Jewellery: Elegance at Affordable Prices

Bianc Jewellery is a brand that distinguishes itself from its competition with its sleek and modernistic designs. It is crafted using only gemstones and sterling silver that are proven to have high quality from all over the world. Bianc Jewellery is designed by Bianca Silver, whose pieces are brought about by a combination of her South African roots, Australian home, and love for fashion and natural materials.

The brand was fully launched in 2011. Bianc Jewellery can be found in several jewellery boutiques. Sophistication of the jewellery pieces combined with competitive pricing has grabbed the attention of prominent figures in the fashion industry.

Bianc Jewellery: Different Styles For Different Personalities

Bianc Jewellery has several collections under its belt including: Briller, Amour, Riche, and Lustre. Each collection has its own distinct style that caters to different personalities and styles of women.

Briller Bianc Jewellery Collection

The Briller collection by Bianc consists of sterling silver, gold plating, and stones of Cubic Zirconia that are arranged to produce classical symbol jewellery pieces. They can be used to give a layered look that is popular nowadays.

Amour Bianc Jewellery Collection

The Amour collection makes use of the innate beauty of three precious stones: amethyst, citrine, and blue topaz for its earrings, chains, rings, and necklaces. Elegance is shown effortlessly by simply using the sterling silver as base for these gemstones.

Riche Bianc Jewellery Collection

The Riche collection by Bianc is meant for the woman with a strong personality because of its bold colours. Onyx, Ropada, Citrine, Emerald, and Ruby stones are nestled in gold, giving rise to sophisticated jewellery pieces. The texture of the stones give it a natural look.

Lustre Bianc Jewellery Collection

The Lustre collection makes use of light and gentle colours brought about by the stones chalcedony, rose quartz, and onyx. Some of the pieces have a unique design where the gemstones are arranged in clusters of two to five pieces of gemstones to give a modern twist. The pieces make use of sterling silver as chains and bands.

Indeed, Bianc Jewellery can transform any woman to give the elegance that is fitting for a queen. Ice Jewellery Australia guarantees you of affordable and authentic Bianc Jewellery when you buy from our store.