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A Quick Look at the History and Culture of Bead Bracelets

There is something so Bohemian chic about bead bracelets that they do not go out of fashion. Movie stars and even pop icons have been spotted wearing them in many styles and designs. To some, the beads also symbolise the linking of emotions and energies. It is not just about crafting a statement, then, but also about creating a connection.

Yet how do you find the perfect bead bracelets to adorn your wrist? Do you need to subscribe to a belief or just trust your fashion instincts? Well, sometimes an accessory is just an accessory. If you find something you like, do not sweat out the small stuff. But does it not sound more fun to also learn to appreciate the back story of certain ornaments before buying them?

Knowing the rich history behind some bead bracelet kinds

For example, Native Americans are said to pass on their bead bracelets from generation to generation. They preserve their culture and tradition this way. You will recognise their trademark from the make of the beads, which include materials like amber, animal bones and teeth, copper, coral, ivory, shell, and turquoise. Geometric arrangements reflect the tribe or region where the accessory comes from.

On the other hand, African beads were used to be made from ostrich eggshells. The continent's beadwork has evolved as people started using imported or locally sourced materials, such as copper, tin, and glass.

Asian bead bracelets are influenced by Eastern religions such as Buddhism, and Catholicism, which is known for its prayer rosary. They become even more interesting because of their spiritual backdrop. The Shamballa bracelet, which comes in several colours, is believed to enhance the Chakra. This means wheel in Sanskrit. Meanwhile, the Buddhist rosary has beads made of wood such as Tulasi.

Hunting the Perfect Bead Bracelet

There is no need to look far. At Ice Jewellery Australia, you will find bead bracelets that will suit your taste as you also give a nod to another culture. We have a selection that contains only those that passed our standards. This is because we understand that you would only want to wear the best accessory whatever the occasion may be.

From our array, you will notice the effort and astuteness of the makers that shaped their masterpieces. Authentic and inspired, these bead bracelets will go beyond trends.

Purchase a bead bracelet now that you can also pass on to your daughters and granddaughters someday. After all, they may also be inspired to learn about the rich history of the wearer.