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Virtues and Values of a Ruby Necklace

Ranging from a single pendant to a cluster, a ruby necklace can be worn during the day or at night. The precious stone is known for being bloody red. The deeper the tinge, the higher goes its value. But the significance of the gemstone surpasses its market price tag, for it has been representative of a woman's fiery charm.

It is the birthstone of those who were born in July, and these are people recognised for their natural inclination towards taking the lead. It is only fitting because the ancients revered the ruby as the lord of stones. 'King' and 'queen' are also words then associated with it.

The Virtues of a Ruby Necklace

Reflect power and royalty by donning a ruby necklace in occasions where there is a need to exude confidence and competence, such as a project launch or a meeting with a client and a company's who's who. Take casual events to the next level by adorning your neck with this chef d'oeuvre in jewellery.

A ruby necklace is not only as enchanting as a diamond necklace, but also almost as durable. The mineral rates 9 at the Mohs Hardness Scale. Thus, a ruby necklace can match the longevity of pendants made from its peers in the precious stone category: diamond, emerald, and sapphire.

Offering it to a family member, friend, or special someone who is a July baby will underline the strength that that person imbibes. It also makes a lasting impression of the giver as the gift can be used for a long time, with proper care.

The True Value of a Ruby Necklace

Virtues aside, ruby is valued by its colour appearance. This is the same for the assessment of coloured gemstones. A ruby with a medium to intense red hue is more expensive than one leaning to pink. In fact, less saturation of the stone makes it a pink sapphire in the United States. A genuine ruby necklace would sometimes have colour impurities or inclusions.

Here at Jewellery Australia, we have curated the topnotch jewellery that contains the lord of the stones. If you are hunting for a gift or ornament that is effortlessly classy, consider a ruby necklace.