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About Diamond Rings at ICE

How did diamond rings come about? Our ancestors discovered that sticking diamonds into a ring was way more efficient than carrying them around in their hands. Kidding! But the enduring allure of a diamond ring is no joke. Diamond rings are responsible for some serious oohing and aahing and with good reason. Cut diamonds are basically light-reflecting machines, turning diamond rings into veritable miniature light shows.

Then there's that diamond engagement ring tradition, which has also generated a few (billion) oohs and aahs. Whether your sights are set on fashion or matrimony, Ice has a diamond ring that will put a sparkle in your eye, and a smile on the face of the recipient (yourself included, of course).

Once upon a time when someone talked about diamond jewellery they meant stones of the white variety. White diamonds will never go out of style, but nowadays colour is cool too, and Ice has coloured diamond rings in abundance. Black diamond rings? Mounds of them. Pink? Check. Blue? Yup, and they're spectacular. And whatever colour of Ice diamond ring has caught your attention, you won't be left red in the face when you see the price.

Sophisticated Diamond Rings

The tradition of giving diamond rings as engagement rings supposedly began when an Austrian official offered one on his engagement. Afterwards, those with the ability to pay for such rings followed suit.

Diamond engagement rings are popular not only because they used to be available only to the rich or noble, but also because of the diamond itself. A diamond can be seen as hardy and pristine, characteristics which may be likened to an engagement. Engagements are supposed to be strong and pure, just like the diamond that may often be found in engagement rings.

Dream Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is the half step before marriage. It symbolises that you and your partner have accepted that your relationship will one day end in marriage and you have agreed to always look out for each other.

Although it is not yet the ring that will signify your permanent commitment, engagement rings are still a big deal. The engagement ring symbolises that there is now a consensus that at some point, the ring will be exchanged for the more enduring wedding ring. Engagement rings are usually diamond rings, because of their interesting historical background.

Buy Stunning Diamond Rings Online at ICE

As your no. 1 online jewellery store, Ice is highly capable of providing diamond rings as engagement rings for those seeking to find the perfect ring to offer their future partner.

Along with just offering a life together, engagement rings represent a promise to each other to keep working towards the point where they are able to live with each other. Diamond rings, which symbolise strength in the relationship, are very suitable as engagement rings.

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