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Topaz Rings as a Present or Personal Accessory

Topaz rings, especially blue and silver (white) ones, are among the jewellery that often come in lighter hues. The gemstone itself has a soothing effect and an understated elegance, different from the power and sophistication exuded by the likes of rose quartz and sapphire.

The energy that comes from topaz rings is more about an outward expression of emotions and intentions than making an impression on others, involving empathic feelings such as forgiveness. Thus, they make an appropriate token for offering peace to someone you want to reconnect with or send an apologetic message to.

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Topaz is naturally colourless, so topaz rings appearing in several colours means the stones have undergone treatment. Here is a quick guide on which hue should you go for depending on your intention:

White / silver topaz

White topaz rings sometimes also referred to as silver are untreated, representing pure energy. They tap into your core, the untainted version of the self. They also give access to your thoughts and actions, and the consequences they may have according to the law of karma. Take your pick from among these and wear it on occasions like a wedding or a baptism. You can also present this to someone who has just turned of legal age, or someone who is going through a crisis that is more mental and physical than financial.

Blue topaz

Blue topaz rings are more common than the synthetic versions. Some don them believing that the gem promotes physical healing. Imagination and individuality are also associated with it. Ice Jewellery dishes out an array of topaz rings with different designs.

Yellow topaz

Helpfulness is an interesting quality of yellow topaz rings. They are also precious gifts to newfound friends who are part of your business or academic networks. Yellow reveals the fire that topaz represents.

Pink topaz

Rare are pink topazes, alongside white and red ones. Pink topaz rings however are among the in-demand styles. This colour is often mistaken for pink sapphire, but a reliable and credible store like Ice Jewellery will help you look for the right accessory. Pink topaz is worn by people mostly for its hard-to-find synthetic feature, and because pink symbolises love and desirability.

Aside from giving it to a loved one or a professional connection, you can also find topaz rings that you can use in parties, events, and special occasions.

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