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Make Heads Turn with Chain Earrings

Whether you’re going for a simple, glamorous, or edgy look, chain earrings are, surprisingly, quite versatile. Move your style metre notches higher by pairing your basic tee-and-jeans combo with some sassy chain earrings. Or wear it with a dainty dress to create an interesting contrast. And, believe it or not, some pieces are even wearable in the workplace!

Create a Statement with the Trendiest Earrings

Chain earrings online have piqued the interest of many fashionable-forward ladies. It was popularised through pop culture and invaded the fashion scene quickly.

Chain link earrings

One of the favourites among the fashion mavens is the chain-link earrings variety that goes helix to the lobe. It is fastened on the earlobe, with the other end connected to the helix piercing of the ear cartilage.

Typically worn in just one ear, it is pared down with a few minimalist pieces on the other ear. It can be glitzy or edgy depending on the design, material, and the outfit you wear it with.

Chain drop earrings

A more subtle alternative to these bold earrings would be the chain drop earrings. These are a bit unassuming, yet can give that swanky vibe that will easily dress up a simple ensemble. This earring style is also a more suitable option for work, especially with its minimalist and narrow chains.

Chain earrings usually come with stud and push back closure. But there is also a kind that goes through the ear, also known as the threader, which is becoming increasingly popular these days. Whether you choose the stud or threader, it can never minimise the overall impact of these trendy and exciting finds.

Tasteful Chain Earrings for the Toned Down Look

These earrings also come in daintier versions for a sleeker and more seamless look. It is hard to go wrong with the classic gold chain earrings, with the narrowest of chains and simple stud. Its simplicity makes it totally wearable even for the much younger and older crowd.

Silver chain earrings, with its cool tone, look best with an accent like a glimmering stone or pearl. These details will help offset the rather subdued colour and help accentuate the design.

Look Feisty with the Most Fashionable Chain Earrings from Ice Jewellery

Whatever look you go for, there is always one of these fabulous earrings that will go with the style you want to create! This medley of lovely chain earrings will upgrade your look and make for an interesting conversation piece, too.

If you haven’t got one of these yet, this is the sign you are looking for. Don’t get left behind with the latest ear candy trend, and grab yours now!