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Bracelet Brands


Out of the many different types of accessories, bracelets are definitely the unsung heroes of jewellery. They can be used by basically anyone in the world, and can become anything from casual to formal without trying. Most bracelets are generally cheaper than counterpart accessories that might require you to shell out quite a lot more money than you would have preferred. They can look good on anyone, and they can definitely make anyone look good.

The Versatility of Bracelets

One of the great things about bracelets is that they straddle a thin line between being very stringent and formal and being casual and laid-back. You can easily put a bracelet on to tone down the formality of a certain outfit, making it more comfortable to wear for certain situations.

On the other hand, you can also accessorise with a bracelet to make an otherwise casual look appear more polished and elegant. Whatever type of outfit you might have for the day, a bracelet can definitely make it look more apt and versatile. Imagine being able to simply put on a band around your wrist and instantly looking that much more appropriate than you were a few seconds ago. That is the pure magic of a properly chosen bracelet.

Tennis Bracelets

tennis bracelet is a type of bracelet that is made up exclusively of a continuous loop of diamonds. Small diamonds are traditionally used to create a single bracelet. The tennis bracelet is so called that way because a popular tennis athlete named Chris Evert reportedly asked for the time to retrieve the elements of her diamond bracelet after it had gotten unclasped during a very intense match. The mere design of the tennis bracelet makes it more advisable for athletes to wear. It is small, lightweight, and generally durable, which means that it is a favourite among more sporty trendsetters. Not only will you be killing it at your sport, you would definitely be doing so in style.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are the ultimate accessory for functionality. This type of bracelet lends its user a wonderful appearance while also coming with one more amusing function: carrying small trinkets around.

These trinkets usually symbolise something important to the user. For example, if the person who owns the bracelet visits a foreign country, they can choose to buy a charm that will be added to the bracelet, and that charm will remind the user about the wonderful memories in that country every time.

Gem Bracelets

Like most necklaces, a bracelet can also have gemstones. Gem bracelets can come from anything at all under the sun, so you can definitely enjoy their ability to be like miniature necklaces. If some place is too casual for you to wear your favourite necklace with the large ruby pendant, why not try using its accompanying bracelet so that you can still enjoy how it would look on you.

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are a more subtle type of gem bracelet. If you want to wear something that would look sophisticated and well-polished but you would want to veer away from the traditional and more formal gem stone bracelets, the pearl bracelet can definitely be the one for you.

Diamond Bracelets

Of course, the most well-known bracelets would always have to be the diamond bracelets. What else are we to assume would be the most popular, when everyone knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend? These bracelets don't necessarily need to be strung with a complete set of diamonds to look like a tennis bracelet because sometimes, simplicity is key to a great accessory. All you need to do is to choose the right bracelet for you, whether it has a lot of small diamonds, quite a few large ones, or even just a single diamond in the middle of the band. No matter what it is that you chose as your accessory for the day, rest assured that your diamond bracelet would look divine no matter what you pair it with.

Infinity Bracelets

Infinity bracelets can be classified easily: an infinity bracelet generally has a bead or chain link that resembles the infinity symbol. These bracelets can mean whatever you wish for them to mean. They can symbolise infinity in a relationship, infinity in hard work, or even just infinity in your life in general.

Choosing a Specific Bracelet from Ice Jewellery

Given the sheer number of bracelets to choose from, you can now definitely imagine how many outfits you can pair a specific bracelet with. But don't stop there: not only do bracelets come in different categories - they also come in even more different designs when it comes to the bands themselves.

Bracelets can come as gold braceletssilver braceletswhite gold bracelets, and even rose gold bracelets to fit all of your needs. Now you can customise not only the additions that your bracelet has, but also its basic material and how that might look. All of your bracelets would definitely look wonderful no matter what outfit you might wish to match it with.

We have bracelets from brands such as THOMAS SABOAnia Haie , PDPaolaGeorgini and so much more. Explore as you will!

For the most beautiful woman in your life, nothing is more impressive than the perfect bracelet. Let Ice Jewellery help you choose the right bracelet for that special occasion, certain to make your girl smile.