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What exactly is an Automatic watch?

An automatic watch is a self-winding watch that instead of using batteries, uses the wearer's everyday movement to power the mainspring and keep the watch from telling the time. An automatic watch is considered a very reliable watch as there is no need for a battery to maintain the time or date on this type of watch. These watches can usually last 40-50 hours without needing to move the watch, depending on the brand of course.

Automatic watches have unbelievable longevity. You can quite literally leave your automatic watch for years and it will come back to life with a quick wrist movement. Of course, the better the internals and manufacturing process, this period can change depending on the brand. Choose an automatic watch with Swiss or Japanese movements, which are known for their high-quality and tendency to last a lifetime. The workmanship put into an automatic watch is precise so choosing an automatic watch that has been crafted well will last longer.

Our pick of the bunch: Automatic Watches

We have tried and tested the very best automatic watches that Ice Jewellery can provide and here is our verdict:

Our definite winner for a classic contemporary watch is the Tissot Men's Dream Automatic Watch. Tissot have been producing automatic watches for decades and this is by far the most popular watch. A reasonable price coupled with expert craftsmanship, this Tissot watch is a true masterpiece.

A similar choice is the Mondaine Official Evo2 Automatic Watch. Made with swiss precision, sapphire crystal casing and a stainless steel back make this watch a truly reliable timepiece that will look stylish for decades.

Automatic watches at Ice Jewellery Australia

Ice Jewellery stocks a large variety of automatic watches online with different brands and colours to suit all individual styles. We strive to provide the highest quality automatic watches to deliver Australia wide with no fuss. We provide FREE shipping for orders over $99, so add one to your cart today for an ever-lasting automatic watch!