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Stand Up and Stand Out With TW Steel Watches

Founded in Amsterdam in 2005, TW Steel has been known for making oversized chronograph. The brand is unapologetic for breaking traditions by crafting large watches with top-quality steel for men. This makes TW Steel watches perfect for any bold man out there whose aim is to stand out among the crowd.

TW Steel Watches: Not Just a Watch, it's a Statement

All TW Steel watches uniquely crafted for the bold men of today are the brainchild of Ton Cobelens. He believes that time doesn't rest so TW Steel watches were made with innovative design in mind. His son Jordy Cobelens, the driving force behind the brand, makes sure that the brand reach is global. So whether you're in Australia or out, there's a TW Steel timepiece to match your bold attitude without causing a dent in your wallet.

Top Reasons TW Steel Watches Are the Best for You

There are many reasons to lust over TW Steel watches. Here are the top ones.

Technology You Can Rely On

TW Steel watches are crafted using the most advanced forms of Swiss and Japan watch technology. For this reason, you can be assured that you'll never be left in the dark without a working watch.

Big Is Better

In the world of oversized watches, TW Steel watches are the leader and for good reason. Although these timepieces just came into the scene in 2005, they've made a mark for being big, bold, and brash while keeping the sense of authority and capability intact.

Striking Details

When you're looking to make a statement, you can't go wrong with TW Steel watches. They're famous for their funky designs and quirky styling; there is surely a timepiece to match your personal style and needs.

Rich Collection

TW Steel watches were made to be accurate and bold while being attractive at the same time. Its five collections are the following: Canteen, CEO, Grandeur, Slim Line, and Pilot all made with the tough and masculine men in mind.

Get Your TW Steel Watches from Ice Jewellery Australia Today

TW Steel watches are undoubtedly becoming one of the most sought after brand of timepiece in Australia. Thanks to their ability to help every man look well-put together without much effort.

So if you're looking for the perfect timepiece to match your unapologetic and bold attitude, TW Steel watches are going to be perfect for you. Ice Jewellery Australia offers a variety of styles from TW Steel different collections. All timepieces you'll choose from are guaranteed to be 100 per cent authentic. Browse our online catalogue today.