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The Subtle Beauty of Morganite Jewellery

Are you limited within your own birthstones? According to Walter Schumann's Gemstones of the World, there are about 200 different varieties of natural gemstones in existence. So which ones could be a really stunning jewellery adornment?

If you have that special inclination with gemstones, you might have probably come across Morganite or the pink emerald, a treasure that is far from ordinary. This rare crystal carries a peach-pink tint that makes it a favourite detail in jewelleries and accessories. It is also famous for being a cousin to aquamarine and emerald. Although it is naturally pale, sometimes Morganite appears to be soft pink, violet-pink or pale salmon.

Amazing Elements of Morganite Jewellery

Gold is classic and diamonds are truly spectacular. But their worth should not hinder you to explore the depths of the earth in search for a charming jewellery stud. With this, Morganite is a good choice for a decorative stone in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

According to stone specialists and even healing gurus, Morganite is the 'Crystal of Divine Love.' It symbolises the innocent, heart-warming feeling of loving and being loved. This unique aspect of Morganite is therapeutic and triggers you to radiate feeling of relaxation, calm and deep joy.

There are rare moments when Morganite jewellery, polished within a specific cut, displays asterism or star effect, a fascinating trait of Morganites. The qualities of this stone make Morganite rings an admirable body adornment.

Morganite rings show up the brighter aspects of life. It shows love and tenderness in the gentlest manner. Everyone would be totally swooned and delighted if ever to receive such jewellery. Just remember that the cut and colour of the stone are the most important criteria in determining its quality.

For the stone's beauty to emanate, it should come in larger packages. A high-quality cut will always make the subtle colour of the Morganite to shine out.

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Ice Jewellery offers a premium collection of pink beryl of fine colour and good sizes. We make sure that our Morganite rings are able to refine the stone's redeeming qualities, including durability, lustre, clarity, and brilliance. Moreover, our rings have superb colours and hues that are very rare for a Morganite. They have the pinkest hues that are most appealing and valuable for today's jewellery market.

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