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Fill Your World with the Wonders of Alexandrite Rings

Alexandrite rings display a purple-red hue when placed in daylight. The blob changes to blue-green under incandescent light. Here, in this colour transformation, lies the appeal of alexandrite. The gemstone is reminiscent of the prestige and power of Imperial Russia, whose national colours were red and green.

Also a member of the Chrysoberyl mineral family, it can be seen one shade and then another depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The chemical aspect adds to the curious qualities of alexandrite rings, making them a valuable complementary accessory in casual and formal functions.

For the Investment with Interesting Returns - Why Not Alexandrite Rings?

Alexandrite carries other wonders. Geographically, there is now a rarity of jewellery containing the mineral dug specifically from the Ural Mountains of Eurasia. This makes them more expensive than their emerald and ruby counterparts. The gemstone is rated 8.5 at the Mohs Hardness Scale, only a few levels away from corundum at 9 and diamond at 10.

Alexandrite rings can therefore withstand cleaning, scratches, and temperature shifts. They are a good investment for those who want to maintain a style that does not come and go with fads. They can be donned by women coming from any industry, like celebrities, entrepreneurs, fashion models, and marketing mavens. Like knowing if the shoe fits, it is just a matter of browsing from the slew of alexandrite rings out there to find the one that slides effortlessly on your or your loved ones' finger.

For the Gift that Gives Back Precious Moments - Why Not Alexandrite Rings?

You do not have to look far for the gift that can make your friend, sister, daughter, mum, or future fiancee gush. Australia's Ice Jewellery has a collection of 10-karat white gold bands mounted by the gemstone. Coming at competitive prices, the online store's alexandrite rings sport several designs that are dainty, chic, or bold.

Ice Jewellery has ensured that its adornments on sale answer to high standards, and that they are authentic. Our experts are ready to assist you in case some issues arise during and after your purchase of our products.

Nothing beats caring for your set of ornaments as they are your best friends during the most important occasions in your life. Alexandrite rings are made to withstand a lot of things, but be wary of exposing yours to hard blows.