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Euro Summer Outfit Essentials

Euro Summer is back bigger than ever this year, and with a range of summer outfit trends surfacing, Ice Jewellery is providing the goods! Get the tea on what the...

Euro Summer is back bigger than ever this year, and with a range of summer outfit trends surfacing, Ice Jewellery is providing the goods! Get the tea on what the fashion girlies and guys are wearing this year on vacay.

If you’ve seen the movie Mamma Mia, you’ll know that a major factor of Euro summer is flaunting lively fashion... particularly jewellery! Whether you’re enjoying the views of Mediterranean cliffs or sipping your favourite drink in a Greek bar, our Euro summer jewellery collection essentials will ensure the perfect summer getaway.

Outfit Essentials for a Picture-perfect Summer Getaway


Let’s be honest; it wouldn’t be the ultimate Euro summer without pearls! Whether it’s a pearl necklace, bracelet, ring or earring, pearl jewellery is a huge outfit essential. Pearls encapsulate the traditions of summer fashion. They represent the wonders of the sea and are a reminder of summer’s natural beauty.

Simple and classic, pearls will add some shine to your summer outfit. With soft hues of pink, blue, yellow and purple hidden in these polished gemstones, your outfit will complement the sunset. Pearls are a huge trend this year, and their connection to summer makes these a must-have.

Evil Eye Jewellery

Every Euro summer outfit needs a unique flair, and evil eye jewellery is the perfect addition. These sophisticated goods are for the girls and guys who want to add mystique to their summer look. Evil eye charms are known to provide spiritual protection against negative energies, and Euro summer is all about having a positive getaway.

Commonly available in blue, evil eye jewellery adds perfectly to a summer colour palette. Its popular and intriguing design will draw the attention to your outfit. The perfect combination of uniqueness and mainstream fashion, evil eye jewellery is a must-have in your suitcase.

A Summer-coded Charm

Bring good luck with you everywhere you go with summer-coded charms. Charms are an opportunity to add artistic designs to your summer outfits. As one of the most versatile jewellery pieces, charms can be paired with a simple necklace or a bracelet chain.

Available in both masculine and feminine styles, charms allow you to personalise your style while completing your look.

A Classic Gold or Silver Necklace

Whether you’re tasting some delicious Greek food or cooling off in the ocean, a classic gold or silver necklace will have you looking refreshed. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic simple necklace, making it an outfit essential.

Pick between thick and thin chains for a personalised summer look. For a warm summer look, gold chains are the go-to. If you want to incorporate the minimalist jewellery trend, a silver necklace will polish your outfit.

Image: Necklace on neck.

Wear the Colours of Euro Summer

Wear the colours of Euro summer with these coloured jewellery pieces. These jewellery colours are bound to turn heads and have you looking polished. 

Rock the Colours of the Ocean with Ice Jewellery

When you think of Euro summer, a bouquet of blue shades may enter your mind. A reminder of a clear ocean and blue skies, blue is a must-have colour in your summer outfit. Evil eye jewellery is mainly available in blue, making it a great accessory for a blue pop of colour. If you’ve seen the movie Mamma Mia, you’ll know that blue is a reoccurring colour that complements the landscape of Europe in summer!

Get Sandy and Sunny with Gold and Yellow

Embrace the warmth of Euro summer with our gold jewellery and yellow jewellery. A polished gold accessory will complete your look while having you looking vibrant. Ice Jewellery’s gold and yellow jewellery is made to shine, ensuring that you stand out this summer. Yellow is a classic summery colour, ensuring that you’ll blend in with the bright atmosphere of Europe.

Enjoy a Softer Summer Look with Pastels

For the girls and guys who prefer a lighter and more bohemian summer look, pastels are your best friend! Available in almost all colours, pastel jewellery adds immensely to the beach look. With an accelerating trend in white clothing, adding a pastel beaded bracelet or earrings will brighten your look to the max. Reminiscent of the summer fashion trends of 2012, pastels are making an immense comeback.

Take Your Euro Summer Classy with a Hint of Rose Gold

Rose gold jewellery has become a huge trend in recent years for a strong reason; their soft yet rich colour works well with any outfit. A reminder of the pinks and oranges of a summer sunset, rose gold is epitome of class. A colour representative of divine luxury, rose gold is great for dinner outfits. Whether you choose to show off your look with a rose gold necklace or bracelet, this colour will have you looking luxurious this Euro summer.

Image: Rings on hand.

Start Preparing Your Euro Summer Look Today with Ice Jewellery

Ice Jewellery understands the importance of a perfect Euro summer experience, and our outfit essentials will have you looking and feeling amazing. A big part of Euro summer is the opportunity to flaunt a flawless summer style. From peals to evil eye charms, our Euro summer outfit essentials include something for every person. Our guide to Euro summer colours will ensure that your jewellery matches the atmosphere of Europe in summer. Now that you know how to style your Euro summer outfits, go out there and have the holiday of your life! 


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