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Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches: Two Thumbs Up for Elegance

Ice Jewellery offers the quirky, playful, elegant and timeless Marc Jacobs watches at a low price with its warranty and box still intact.

Marc Jacobs is a revered and celebrated American fashion designer. At first, he felt that his Marc Jacobs line might not be accessible to many in a price perspective, a realisation that resulted to an eponymous diffusion line, Marc by Marc Jacobs. After partnering with watch industry leader Fossil, he began selling affordable yet stylish watches to the masses, which showed immediate and undeniable success.

Ice Jewellery's Prized Marc Jacobs Watches at Friendly Prices

Many critics considered it an audacious move for a high-end designer, who used to work as creative director of Louis Vuitton, to incorporate many main design elements present in his main collection into this inexpensive line. Marc by Marc Jacobs, undeniably, is among the most fashionable in the low price tag category on the timepiece market.

Marc by Marc Jacobs watches comprise vast arrays of designs for men, women, and to a selection of unisex styles

Every timepiece radiates a virtue that is always associated with Mark Jacobs himself, as each watch in this accessory line has the touch of peculiarity, quirk, and playfulness blended with the retro, quaint, and the fashionable.

This much talked-about accessory line is unique from each other. One features stainless steel chunky straps, while others are matched with polycarbonate straps.

Even the dial designs and numbers range from the funky to the absurd to the colourful to the jewellery-inspires, characteristics that designers and regular customers adore. Perhaps, these are the qualities that made it as one of the top affordable watches in the world.

Marc Jacobs watches Australia

Ice Jewellery recognises the uniqueness of Marc by Marc Jacobs, that's why we are proud to headline our watches with its trendy, playful, and timeless virtues. Up until today, our Marc Jacobs watches have reaches many famous Australians and have landed on various fashion events across and outside Australia.

Marc Jacobs's eclectic design has made it fit for every occasion there is - from the glorious, high-end events to casual informal gatherings to everyday occurrences. These watches are statement watches, making anyone who wears it an automatic standout, even the most fashionable of the day.

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