Marc Jacobs Henry Watch

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The Epitome of Class: Marc Jacobs Henry Watch

If you’re a fan of antiques, then a Marc Jacobs Henry Watch is perfect for you. What can be more traditional and classic than the pocket watch that we all see on old movies and cartoons depicting the old times? If you want to be able to channel the antique fan inside of you but you don’t want to look eccentric, then there are so many other options for you to look and feel like you’re in another century without having to actually go there, much less pretend that you are from another time. All you have to do is to try on the Marc Jacobs Henry Watch and you will definitely feel like you went back to the past.

The Marc Jacob Henry Watch’s Unique Design

The nice thing about the Marc Jacobs Henry Watch is that it is not exactly a Henry watch, which is the vintage pocket watches that are traditionally chained inside a typical suit. Instead, it is based heavily on the traditional version of the watch but it is combined with several modern aspects. This not only makes the watch even more amusing to look at but it offers a refreshing view of the Henry watch. The take of Marc Jacobs on the watch gives the classic wristwatch a spring lock closure for its opening and closing face, but retains the more common features found on a modern watch.

Staying Between Eras

If you’ve always wanted to feel like you’re from a different century, this is the way to do it. If you started wearing an actual pocket watch when you’re going around for errands, people might start to find you a bit different. But if they see you sporting a Marc Jacobs Henry Watch, they will see how style oriented you are. You not only have a cool watch that works, you also have one of the more amusing watch designs on your wrist and you can use it wherever you wish.

The Marc Jacobs Henry Watch is a perfect combination between then and now. It puts together very memorable features of the traditional pocket watch and the practical features of a classic, modern wristwatch and ends up with a usable product that makes you feel like you’re from a different era. Wearing this watch can make people’s attention gravitate towards your sense of style as well as your impeccable taste.

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