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True Luxury from Tanzanite Rings

Whether to be given to a special someone or buying a well-deserved gift for yourself, precious rings are one of the most favourite worn jewellery out there because it can instantly brighten up the mood and confidence of the person wearing it. There are usually a wide variety of rings to choose from there are diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings, and pearl rings. These are the more common ones but if you would like to stand out, try something like tanzanite rings.

A Tanzanite History for Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite is unquestionably an exceptional gem. It is sourced only from one place in the world, and therefore supplies are not expected to last forever. The uniqueness of this gemstone is characterised by a dazzling shade of blue, with a slight tinge of purple, and the result is definitely mesmerising.

Tanzanite, as its name implies, comes from the land of Tanzania, a country in Eastern Africa. Coming from one and only source, tanzanite is said to be a thousand times rarer than diamond.

Tanzanite gem's magnificence also comes from an incredible formation process which spanned more than 500 million years, through the union of high heat and huge underground tectonic forces. This wonder was not discovered until the year 1967, when a tribesman watching his herd found the gem at the foot of the hill. It was not until 1968 though that tanzanite was given its name and introduced to the world by renowned jeweller Tiffany & Co.

The world's clamour for this unique gemstone was given further notice when it was given the distinction as the 'World's Favourite Coloured Gemstone,' being the bestseller in 1999. And in 2002, it was finally added to the official list of the jewellery industry's birthstone list, joining gems zircon and turquoise as December birth stones.

How to Check the Quality of Tanzanite Rings

Just as checking the quality of diamonds, tanzanite can also be checked using the 4 C's colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight. All of these factors combined contribute to the grading of tanzanite. Should you decide to invest in these rare gemstones, make sure you are buying the authentic ones.

Here at Ice Jewellery, you can be sure that all jewellery are of guaranteed high quality and their genuineness. Tanzanite rings are truly a unique find, but make sure you get the authentic ones from an authentic source like Ice Jewellery. Come and browse Ice Jewellery's products today.