Enchantment by THOMAS SABO Charms

THOMAS SABO is a label notorious for its timeless and classy, yet youthful pieces that have captivated the hearts of countless women throughout the years. THOMAS SABO offers you a vast array of charms which vary from classic to unique. Here at Ice Online, our collection allows you to choose from pieces meticulously crafted from the finest sterling silver, to fun pieces that can bring out just about any girl’s attitude, to pieces that strike people as sentimental.

The THOMAS SABO charms are especially created to capture uniqueness in every piece. Being crafted from a variety of materials, each piece offers distinct colours and textures which seek to either entice or pull at the heartstrings of anyone who see it.

Types of THOMAS SABO Charms

A girl’s charm bracelet is a window to her soul. Every charm that goes on a charm bracelet not only adorns the wearer’s arm, it can actually do so much more like tell a story or tell people about what you like and what you value. Put some thought into the charms you put on your bracelet. If you wear that bracelet for all its charms to be seen by everyone, it should at least mean something to you. To give you an idea of what Thomas Sabo charms are, here are a few examples:

‘Interest’ THOMAS SABO Charms

These charms are pieces that show people what you like. This varies from fruits like raspberries, to vehicles like Volkswagen cars, all converted into a charming little trinket, ready for you to flaunt it on your arm.

‘Symbolic’ THOMAS SABO Charms

THOMAS SABO even has charms that can represent a personal aspect in your life. Charms like ‘I love mum’ and a pink baby stroller are good examples. You can add these charms to your collection which show the things that are important to you. These pieces can strike a person as sentimental or nostalgic.

‘Personal’ THOMAS SABO Charms

These charms are pieces that tell something about the wearer, like your zodiac sign, or a four leaf clover which signifies you believe in luck. Theatre mask charms signify that a piece of your heart belongs to performing. This type of Thomas Sabo charm tells something about the wearer, and also makes a good conversation starter.

‘Classic’ THOMAS SABO Charms

Classic charms are the timeless pieces which you can add to your collection as staples. They go perfect with a little black dress and transcend any occasion. This type includes plain silver plates, rose gold and diamond stud charms, and silver pearls.

The THOMAS SABO collection of charms is beautiful, unique, and meaningful. Here at Ice Online, we guarantee to bring authentic Thomas Sabo charms and nothing less to our clients. Browse our catalogue and find the best charm for you.
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