Michael Kors Runway Watches


Work the Everyday Runway with a Michael Kors Runway Watch

The life of a model is enviable. After all, who wouldn't want to be flown to the world's most fabulous cities in order to walk down a runway in beautiful clothes while being adored by a fawning crowd? Not to mention, the super cool parties, the exotic locations, and the fame.

However, just like any job, there are downsides to being a model. The pressures placed on models are mostly directed at their physical attributes, which can be quite damaging to a model's perception of his or herself. Having to constantly watch your figure and being scrutinised by a version discerning crowd isn't very fun. This makes being a runway model not an ideal job for everyone. So, how can one enjoy the glamour of being a model without having to suffer through the cons?

A very fabulous man has the solution to that problem. Thanks to Michael Kors, you can have the best of both worlds with the Michael Kors Runway Watch.

The Michael Kors Runway Watch: Model Glamour for Strong Women

For those who prefer to strut their stuff on the everyday runway, Michael Kors has come up with a way to exude some of that model glamour in a simple yet stylish way. The Michael Kors Runway Watch is a cult-classic piece of jewellery, coveted by fashion-forward women worldwide.

What makes this watch iconic is that it is fearless. While other watchmakers have gone the safe route with demure and slender watches, Michael Kors has broken the rules with the Michael Kors Runway Watch. Large and opulent while showing off class and femininity, there is no doubt that Michael Kors Runway Watch speaks volumes about the strength of the woman who wears it.

While the watch makes a statement on its own, its versatility enables it to look good with anything that you wear on your wrist, perfect for day and night, and wherever life takes you.

The Craftsmanship of a Michael Kors Runway Watch

In addition to being a powerful fashion accessory, one could be rest assured that a Michael Kors Runway Watch is also a reliable timepiece. Water resistant for up to 100 meters and made of durable stainless steel, this watch can certainly keep up with any fashionable jet setter.

A strong and sexy woman looking for a watch that represents what she's all about need not look any further. Visit Ice Jewellery Australia for your authentic Michael Kors Runway Watch today!