Michael Kors Gold Watches


Michael Kors Gold Watch: Timeless Elegance for the American Beauty

In the sixties, a pretty model in New York was undergoing that blissful rite of passage that every woman aspires to – picking out the perfect wedding dress to marry her own Prince Charming. Joan Hamburger had been married before, but this time, it was special as she had something that many brides normally didn’t have – a special little someone who would grow up to be a trailblazer in American fashion. That little five-year old boy, then named Karl Anderson, Jr., took one look at his mother’s dress and uttered, “Too many bows!” Little Karl proceeded to redesign the entire dress; an evident beginning for the boy who would eventually be known as Michael Kors.

Years later, Michael Kors has grown from styling his mother’s wedding dress to being the designer who has styled many women and men worldwide. Thanks to Michael Kors, fashionistas no longer have to look at Europe when seeking high fashion as Michael has brought style and quality stateside to define American fashion. However, Michael’s iconic style has not only influenced clothing - this is obvious to those that don a particular American masterpiece on their wrists, a Michael Kors gold watch.

The Gold Rush for the Michael Kors Gold Watch

Spreading his wings after decades of working under notable fashion houses, Michael Kors reinforced his name with a successful ready-to-wear line. Proving himself to be a contender in the fashion world, Michael made the move that other designers before him have done – the move to accessories. However, unlike other designers, Michael took the accessories world by storm. A Michael Kors Gold Watches is a testament to that.

Starting in 2004, Michael Kors began to challenge the notion that only the finest of watches can originate from European watchmakers. Not only does a Michael Kors Gold Watch feature fine craftsmanship and precious elements, but the advantage it has over other brands is its ability to be both fashion forward and timeless. As such, there has been a rush to have a Michael Kors Gold Watch, especially one made of gold.

A Michael Kors Gold Watch is a Golden Investment

Joan Hamburger’s little boy knew how to make someone feel their best with little enhancements. That is a gift that he still has to this day. A Michael Kors Gold Watch is an ageless accessory which brings out the best of you.

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