Mens Diamond Rings


Stylish And Sleek Men's Diamond Rings

Who says only women can wear diamond rings? Modern men of this generation have developed a penchant for jewellery not only to show off wealth or success, but more so to improve or accent their personal style. Men's diamond rings provide that oomph in a man's outfit - whether he is decking out casual wear like jeans and plain shirt or wearing a formal three-piece suit. These men's diamond rings are not just worn as a wedding band or engagement ring. It is undeniable that the simple accessory has now become part of men's fashion statement.

Things To Consider When Buying Diamond Rings For Men

There are certain things you have to bear in mind when buying a diamond ring. First thing to consider is the price and quality. Most often, the higher the quality, the more expensive the ring is. In order to determine the quality of a diamond ring, one should check the diamond's carat, cut, clarity and colour, otherwise known as the four C's of diamonds.

The carat is the diamond's size by weight. Most men's rings do not have diamonds bigger than one carat, and it is common to see a ring with multiple diamonds of smaller carats.

The cut should not be mistaken with the shape of a diamond. The cut actually refers to how light passes through the diamond, affecting how sparkly it is. If one wants a flashy ring that would catch everyone's attention, then a higher quality cut is perfect. However, if you want a subtler accessory, you can settle for average-grade cuts.

A diamond's clarity tells you how flawless it is. Most of the time, the imperfections are too small to be seen by the naked eye, so a lot of men settle for diamonds with lower quality to save money.

Lastly, diamonds come in different colours. Generally, the more colourless a diamond is, the more expensive it is. However, some diamonds are naturally or artificially coloured, so you would have a lot to choose from to fit your personal style.

The Different Styles Of Men's Diamond Rings

Diamond rings with thick bands made of titanium, platinum, white gold, or silver are generally considered more masculine. For promise rings or wedding bands, the channel setting is the right style for men. This style is made with a row of several small diamonds. It is simple, yet classy. Another style is the pave setting. Unlike channel, pave places the stones in such a way that it forms a large square or rectangle. Rings of this style are flashy and bold.

For the more fashionable men who are going for unique rings with an attitude, a tension setting is perfect. In this style, the single diamond is placed in a gap in the ring. This style is simple but very modern and sleek. The last one is the bezel setting. Here, the metal goes over the edge of the stone and secures it in place, making it perfect for men with an active lifestyle.

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