Perfect Your Look With the Right Type of Earrings

Earrings perfectly frame one’s face and adds instant glamour and style to whatever one is wearing and for which occasion. Earrings have been part of ancient history, being worn by kings and queens and pharaohs, and since then has grown into a wide variety of shapes, colours, sizes, makes and styles. And since there are a lot of earring types to choose from, it is sometimes confusing which one to pair with which. Here is a quick and simple style guide to help you in picking out when to wear which type of earrings and when.

The Simplicity of Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are probably the most basic and most simple type of earrings out there. But do not take these for granted. Simple and small as they are, they still exhibit unparalleled sensibility and classic sophistication. Plus, stud earrings also come as personalised as the design and style is often the choice of the wearer, which in turn reflects one’s personality. Stud earrings often come in silver, gold, or diamonds, and are usually paired or worn with casual wear.

The Hazards of Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are probably the most precarious of all the earrings types. Wear it wrong and you can come off as trashy, but wear it right and you can pass off as a glamorous celebrity. There are mini hoop earrings that may pass off as stud earrings, while there are giant ones that can fall all the way down to almost near one’s shoulder.

There is actually a science to wearing the right pair of hoop earrings, and it actually depends on the size and shape of your face, the angle of your jaw, and how long your neck is. They key is that the hoop earrings should not go beyond your jaw, and its size must not be bigger than your fist. In terms of length, from your shoulder ideally it must be at least two inches long.

Dangle those Drop Earrings

Long, dangling drop earrings can automatically dramatize one’s look. Elegant and stylish, the length of drop earrings elongates one’s face. It is often worn with dresses and on formal occasions. Make sure you match the right colour of your drop earrings with the motif of your dress.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Anything with diamonds in it is instantly glammed up. One can never go wrong with a pair of diamond earrings. With this precious stone, they epitomise the glitz and glamour of the jewellery world. Diamonds are very much versatile and can easily charm up any simple outfit. If you are looking for instant elegance and sophistication, even a plain coloured dress can be fixed by wearing diamond earrings. Diamond earrings usually are worn during special occasions and formal events.

The Allure of Pearl Earrings

If there is a runner-up to a girl’s best friend of diamonds, perhaps it is a lovely pair of pearl earrings. There is something precious with the way pearls are discovered and extracted and carefully crafted into perfection to create the perfect set of jewellery. The natural lustre and glow of pearls make the wearer appear sophisticated and graceful. Pearl earrings can also come as simple stud earrings, or they can be glammed up more when paired up with diamonds. Pearl earrings are also often worn during special occasions and formal events.

Going for Gold Earrings

Gold is known as one of the, if not the most precious, metal presents here on earth. Gold is usually associated with being “number one” or being “the best”, as with during awarding ceremonies, the awarding of gold medals for the topmost prize.

During the ancient times, gold was already present and it symbolised beauty, power, and status. The shining shimmering aspect of gold makes it alluring and warm to the eyes. Wearing gold automatically adds glamour to any kind of outfit. It is better paired with neutrals so that its genuine gold-ness would stand out more.

Aside from the usual plain black or white, jewel tone colours would also do well when paired with gold. For gold to be able to stand out more fully, pair it with darker jewel colours such as emerald green, deep blues, dark purples and burgundy. There are other types of gold jewellery that are also translated into earrings format – white gold jewellery and rose gold jewellery.

Shine with Silver Earrings

As a runner-up to the gold metal, silver is still treated as precious as well. Wearing silver earrings takes up any kind of look to the next level, but not so much dominant, but for a more subdued and classical look. Silver earrings are very much versatile, you can wear them whether you’re attending a formal event, or perhaps just buying from the nearby supermarket. You have to choose though the kind of silver earrings to wear based on the occasion or on your objective.

If you will be attending a much more personal event and your hair will be up, long dangling silver earrings could do the trick. Otherwise, if you’re going for something more laid-back, and your hair will just be tucked beneath your ears, then simple silver stud earrings would do.

Why Choose Gem Earrings

All the rest of the other gemstones used are classified under gem earrings. Some people like using their birthstones for jewellery – there’s garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, topaz, turquoise and many others. Each gemstone stands for a certain symbolism, and has different unique characteristics as well. It may depend on your mood and sentiments per day which gemstone you would like to wear. Gemstones also appear in different striking colours, which is somehow the biggest watchout when going for gem earrings – make sure the gemstone and colour you chose complements the colours you are wearing.

Where to Source those Glamorous Earrings of Any Type

As you can see, there is indeed a wide array of different earrings to choose from for every occasion and for every mood you have. You just have to know which is which to wear, but in the end, it all boils down to your unique style preference. There is no strict law on which earrings to use for which occasion or for which clothes or dress you are wearing. The other important thing to note is where to source your earrings, as being genuine comes into question, as with any other form of jewellery. Make sure you obtain your earrings from a well trusted source. That’s where Ice Jewellery can help you.

Caring for your Earrings

Whether you received your earrings as a gift, earned it as an heirloom, or bought it for yourself, keeping them at their best state means knowing how to take care of them. Different types of earrings call for different types of care. Here are some guidelines on how you can maintain your earrings at their best.

How to keep the sparkle of your diamond earrings

Diamonds are so precious that you would want your diamond stud earrings or any type of diamond earrings to not lose their sparkle. To avoid them from getting dull, make sure you put them on last, so that hair products like hairspray, perfume or lotion do not get into them.

Another way to care for your diamond earrings is to keep off your hands from the diamond studs. To clean them, use hot water and ammonia or some glass cleaner. Make sure you also bring your diamond earrings to an authorised jeweller to have them inspected and cleaned by a specialist at least once annually. This way, you can ensure that the diamonds will keep on sparkling.

Keeping those pearl earrings shiny

Pearls are supposedly more fragile than any other type of gem out there. Hence, they must be treated with utmost care if you would like to keep its unique lustre.

First and foremost, the easiest way to care for your pearl earrings would be to put them on last to avoid contact with hairspray, perfume, or any other type of mist. Care should also be taken against perspiration, as this can be damaging to the pearls’ surface, which is naturally acidic. This may, in turn, lead to discolouration and roughening of its originally smooth texture. When wearing pearl earrings then, avoid humid and hot places so you would not perspire.

Maintain your gold earrings’ gloss

Gold earrings do not naturally come cheap so care is important if you want to keep their grandeur. These earrings may not easily tarnish but they become dull when they become exposed to makeup, creams, perfumes and other beauty products. Cleaning your gold earrings regularly helps in maintaining their brilliance. To clean your gold earrings, all you need are warm water, mild detergent, a strainer, a soft toothbrush, and a soft cloth.

As a general rule for all earrings, may it be diamond, pearl or gold, avoid wearing them in the shower because the harsh chemicals of your soap or shampoo can make your jewellery dull. Also, avoid wearing earrings when swimming, as the chlorine in the swimming pool can also cause discoloration.

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