Cubic Zirconia Rings


Find the Perfect Cubic Zirconia Rings

Shopping for a ring online is not as simple as you think it might be. Choosing the kind of gemstone to set your ring can be overwhelming, given the variety of options out there. If you are shopping around for rings, whether it is for an engagement, a wedding, or a gift to yourself, consider alternative jewellery such as cubic zirconia rings.

Why Choose Cubic Zirconia Rings?

Its features and physical appearance closely resembles that of a diamond. As such, it is a very popular diamond substitute. However, unlike diamonds and other popular gemstones, cubic zirconia is very affordable. Also, unlike diamond, cubic zirconia is available in a wider range of colours and shapes, so choosing something out of a personal preference wouldn't be a problem.

More importantly, if you are an advocate of green living, then cubic zirconia rings would be something that is right up your alley. Famous gemstones such as diamonds, amethysts, and topaz, among others, are natural gemstones which need to be mined. Cubic zirconia rings, on the other hand, are synthetic gems. So if you are worried about the after-effects of mining on the environment, then cubic zirconia rings would be the better option for you.

Another fact is that very rare gemstones can be considered as flawless. Even an authentic, high-grade diamond will have small inclusions in it. However, an artificially produced stone such as the cubic zirconia is inherently flawless because of the precise conditions in which it is manufactured.

How to Shop for Cubic Zirconia Rings

When shopping for a ring, aside from choosing a gemstone, it is also equally important that you take note of how that stone will appear on the setting at which it is placed. Cubic zirconia works well and looks great when set in platinum, sterling silver, or yellow gold bands.

When shopping for a wedding ring, the popular choice would be the white cubic zirconia set in white metal or yellow gold. Popular cuts for wedding cubic zirconia rings are round, baguette, and heart-shaped. The resemblance to diamonds is very convincing that only an informed and seasoned jeweller can tell the difference.

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