Amethyst Jewellery


Any Outfit Stuns with Amethyst Jewellery

While being believed to have different energising properties, amethysts could be the perfect touch to any outfit. Amethysts shine brilliant purple when cut and polished. Unlike other gemstones which are valued more at bigger sizes, are valued more depending on the colour and vibrancy of the hue.

Available at Ice Jewellery, amethysts, in their raw gemstone form, are a mix of pale soft lavender and dark deep violet. They are not usually cut into big gem size because these colours are integrated well into the gemstone and distributed fairly evenly, making it difficult to get a big full cut of the stone without having to compromise the evenness of the hue.

Stylish Amethyst Jewellery

Amethyst jewellery will look good with any style of clothing. It can either dress up or dress down an entire outfit, depending on the wearer's taste. For casual day get ups, don a plain top in muted tones like white, grey, and beige. Pair it with a laid-back pair of jeans, or even shorts; and a pair of flats or wedges. Top off your outfit with an amethyst necklace or a pair of amethyst earrings for a touch of class and colour.

The rich, lush colour of the amethyst will be sure to stand out against the hushed tones of the outfit. For a dressed up look, amethyst jewellery will go well with any evening outfit as long as it is neutral. Amethyst jewellery will work best with any hue between white, black, and brown.

Amethyst gem colours vary from luscious deep purple to glossy pale wisteria. Its colour is unique from other gemstones and is associated with royalty, willpower, and intelligence. A number of powers have been attributed to amethysts and its wearer. Gemstone therapists have made claims that amethysts have the ability to elicit a sobering and cleansing effect on the human body. It has also been said to suppress stomach acid. Amethyst is also believed to bring good fortune and inspire the intellect. This gemstone is commonly associated with friendship, chastity, trust, and piety.

Amethyst Rings as Fashion Statements

Amethyst rings will work great as attention grabbing fashion statements. It can work as a vintage piece or an edgy piece. Either way it adds class to any outfit. Hollywood celebrities seen to have been wearing timeless amethyst rings are Kristen Stewart, Zoe Saldana, Taylor Swift, Sarah Jessica Parker and Naya Rivera.

Amethyst jewelleries are your choice of accessories for any event. Look out for our collection of amethyst jewelleries, especially our amethyst rings. Browse Ice Jewellery Jewellery store today!