Alexandrite Jewellery


Mystifying Elegance of Alexandrite Jewellery

One of the three birthstones of the month of June, alexandrite, which is a type of chrysoberyl, is considered a very rare gemstone. It was first discovered in Russia in the 1800s during the time of Tsar Alexander II. The gemstone was named after the reigning tsar at the time. Part of its appeal comes from its changing hues, depending on which light you look at it with. In natural light, alexandrite appears green and it changes to a purple-red hue in artificial light.

During those times, the supply of alexandrite exclusively came from the Ural mines in Russia until the mines got depleted. Today, most of the world's alexandrite come from Hematita in Brazil and from Sri Lanka. It can also be found in other mines in the world, but Brazil and Sri Lanka have the biggest supplies.

Gemstones coming from Brazil showed great quality like the ones from the Ural mines in Russia. But alexandrite from Sri Lanka are not as magnificent, as they have a brownish-red colour in artificial light and lack that distinct colour change alexandrite from the Urals had.

Elegant change of colour of alexandrite jewellery

Part of this gem's elegance comes from the magnificent change in colour it undergoes (this change in colour is more commonly known as the alexandrite effect). It shows off a distinct green colour in natural light, and changes to a purple-red colour in artificial light. The more distinct the colour change, the more valuable an alexandrite gem is. It's a rather tough stone and can withstand everyday jewellery use, making it perfect for bracelets and rings.

Alexandrite rings: cut to perfection

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Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone, unfortunately there are a lot of fake alexandrite jewellery on the market. So make sure to get a genuine gem from a reputable online store like Ice Jewellery Australia. Purchase your own set of alexandrite rings today!