Pink Sapphire Rings


The Mesmerising Colours of Pink Sapphire Rings

Sapphire is a gemstone known for its blue colour. However, it is not generally known that sapphires can be found in many colours as well. There are yellow, green, and pink sapphires. The amount of chromium deposit in the stone influences its colour. The larger the amount of chromium deposit in a stone, the pinker or redder it becomes in colour. Sapphire and ruby have been likened to twins separated at birth. Gemstone aficionados often debate the difference between a ruby and a pink sapphire. If there is a very high concentration of chromium, the stone becomes a ruby; a lower concentration of it results in a pink sapphire.

Pink sapphire rings: The Affordable Alternative

For ladies who would like a touch of colour on their diamonds, more often than not, they would look for pink diamonds. These diamonds are very rare, and ultimately, more expensive. An alternative for pink diamonds are pink sapphire rings. They are just as stunning and less expensive.

Another reason to choose pink sapphires over pink diamonds is that you have a wider number of colours to choose from. No two pink sapphires are the same. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from varying shades of pink. There are pale baby pinks such as amaranth pink or carnation pink and deep, and intense pinks such as magenta, fuchsia, and rose.

Popular Pink Sapphire Rings

The most coveted colour in today's pink sapphire rings is hot pink, which has a saturation of purple and red hues. A very popular style in engagement and wedding rings is the pink sapphire flanked by white diamonds, and set in a white gold band. The pink-and-white colour combination is a striking one, with the white gold and the diamonds highlighting the pinkish hue of the sapphire. Next to white gold, platinum and silver are also popular bands, as these colours set off the richness of the stone's colour.

When buying pink sapphire rings, make sure that the sapphire is free from blemishes. Colour should be taken into consideration as well. The more vivid and vibrant the pink of the sapphire is, the better its quality is. To get on this trend, you can find a lot of pink sapphire rings among Ice Jewellery Australia's wide selection of ladies' rings.

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