Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

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The Enduring Appeal of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Looking for the perfect engagement ring is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But once you find the one, you know that the search will be worth the wait. Gold is a highly favoured and popular metal choice when it comes to shopping for engagement rings. Once you have set your mind that you are going to choose gold for your ring, there are two things you will have to consider when shopping.

Factors to Consider When Buying Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The gold's carat - Did you know that pure gold cannot be turned into jewellery? It has to be mixed in with alloys in order to use it in jewellery making. A 24-carat gold means it is pure gold. This form can be seen only in bullion bars. Gold is a very soft metal and as such, other materials have to be added to it before it can be turned into jewellery. Most high-quality gold jewellery contains 22 carats of gold. The most common carats for yellow gold engagement rings are 10K, 14K, and 18K. If it is being used to create engagement rings, gold is combined with other alloys such as copper, silver, nickel, and zinc to add hardness, durability, and strength to the metal. A gold's carat is the ratio of alloy to its gold content. An 18-carat gold has 75% gold and 25% alloy. Jewellery enthusiasts consider this carat as the ideal balance of purity (gold) and strength (alloy). For people who prefer yellow gold engagement rings, an 18-carat shows a deeper, richer colour than a 14-carat yellow gold.

The gold's colour - The gold is available in many colours. The most popular colour of them all is yellow gold, with white gold and rose gold the other two popular options. Yellow gold is made possible when pure gold is mixed with other alloy metals like copper and zinc.

Why Choose Yellow Gold Engagement Rings?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose yellow gold engagement ring:

  • Yellow gold engagement rings generally favour ladies who have warm and olive skin tones.
  • Yellow gold is considered as the most hypoallergenic among all of the gold colours.
  • Yellow gold requires the least maintenance among all of the gold colours.
Knowing the differences among gold colours makes the shopping easier. And once you have decided that yellow gold engagement rings would be the best one for you as a couple, you can start shopping for the best deals out there. For great deals all-year round, shop at Ice Jewellery Australia for your yellow gold engagement rings needs.