Unisex Watches


What is a unisex watch?

A unisex watch is exactly what the name suggests! It's a watch that can be worn by any gender. Most watches are designed for either male or female due to their design or sizing of the watch dial. Unisex watches are designed to look stylish on male or female, without compromising style or functionality. However, you can wear whatever watch you want, no matter if it's designed for men or women! 

Traditionally, a men's watch varies from case measurement size of 42mm and larger, whilst a women's watch has traditionally been around the 32mm mark. However, there is no limitation to this so pick whatever watch you desire, no matter the colour, size or shape of the watch.

Our favourite unisex watches at Ice Jewellery

It's pretty difficulty picking our favourite, because we think they're outstanding. Daniel Wellington has always been on our radar to deliver beautiful unisex watches. They're reliability and on-trend style has really brought them ahead of the pack. The Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Silver Watch is beautiful on every level. The combination of the black leather band and egg-shell white dial is superb.

Smartwatches are man-kinds most innovative accessories, and the Reflex Active Series 6 Black Mesh Smart Watch is no different. A huge range of features including colour touch screen, activity goals, step counter, remote camera, sleep tracking, calories, weather, find my phone, alarm, call alert, message and display are only some of the features. The all black design is sleek and smart. 

Browse our huge range of unisex watches as your next "spoil me" moment of for a loved one at Ice Jewellery Australia. FREE shipping is available on orders over $99.