Tommy Hilfiger Watches


Genuine Tommy Hilfiger Watches to Add to your Watch Collection

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand recognised by both men and women when it comes to luxury watches. As one of the brands with the largest collection, Tommy Hilfiger offers variety like no other. From the material, colour, and straps, the international brand gives you a lot of choices.

Things To Consider When buying Tommy Hilfiger Watches

More than the style, however, there are other considerations you should take note when buying Tommy Hilfiger watches. This include:

Budget - If you know the price of other luxury items that offer the same quality, you will surely go for Tommy Hilfiger. At a price range of $125-$250 Australian Dollars for women and $150-299 Australian Dollars for men, Tommy Hilfiger watches are extremely affordable. They are something any collector will be happy keeping without bleeding his pockets dry. You can even avail of them at the most pocket-friendly prices here at Ice Jewellery.

Strap Style - The strap style is an important factor in selecting a watch. For instance, leather straps best suit casual clothes. They are flexible enough, however, to go well with any occasion. Metal straps, on the other hand, best accompany a business suit or a jacket. Businessmen prefer metal straps for the added professional look they give. Women, meanwhile, love them as a lovely accompaniment to a sophisticated dress. Whatever your choice for strap is, you can find one that suits your taste at our collection of Tommy Hilfiger watches.

Head Style - The centrepiece is very important as well. Will you go for the circular or the rectangular one? Do you like it small or big? How about the dials? Do you like it complex-looking with many dials or basic-looking with only the hour and minutes shown?

Aside from these, you also need to consider colour. With Tommy Hilfiger, you can choose a great number of colours that contrast best with metal dials and its borders.

Authenticity - If you want your hard-earned money not to put to waste, this is a crucial consideration. Nowadays, imitators adopt new technologies to make phony watches appear genuine. From stainless watches to thermo resin, to gold plate silicon watches down to bracelets, you can be deceived. Therefore, it's a must for you to check the seller's credibility. This is precisely why you should buy only from trusted retailers like Ice Jewellery.

Our pick of the bunch: Tommy Hilfiger watches

Below are our favourite Tommy Hilfiger watches that combine style and character.

For men, we would choose the Tommy Hilfiger Men's Classic Watch. The croco-leather strap showcases pure style and combined with the bold silver case, this watch is the perfect choice as a gift for yourself or your man. Alternatively, the gold Tommy Hilfiger Men's Watch Cooper is beautiful for an over the top timepiece.

For women, the Tommy Hilfiger Women's Watch Classic is beautiful with it's subtle rose gold tones and pink leather strap. This will give a real pop of colour to your watch collection. Alternatively, the Tommy Hilfiger Women's Watch Jenna is simple but classy watch that will match with literally any outfit. 

Go on, spoil yourself! 

One thing that we guarantee here at Ice Jewellery is the authenticity of our products. With our large collection of Tommy Hilfiger watches, you can find the style and design you want at affordable prices!