Threader Earrings


Be the Centre of Attention with Stylish Threader Earrings

Refined, classy and sophisticated – these are just some of the words utilised to describe a must-have fashion accessory, the threader earrings. As the name suggests, you thread the earrings through the piercing in your earlobe. You do not need fixings to secure them.

Threader earrings are made using yellow or white gold, sometimes platinum. The dangling portion in front is normally decorated with one or more gemstones. The gemstones weigh less than a few carats to prevent causing discomfort.

Why Should You Try Stylish Threader Earrings?

  • Not all earrings are comfortable to wear. Threader earrings for women that do not have a fastener are quite light. They are so comfortable and easy to wear that you will forget that you are wearing one.
  • Threader earrings have a design and shape that can complement different kinds of face shapes. The long hooks and dangles can balance out the proportion of your facial features.
  • Women of all ages can wear stylish threader earrings. These fashionable pieces can give the more mature ladies a more youthful appearance.

Types of Threader Earrings to Match Your Style

Threader earrings online are available in different styles. They are now one of the trendiest products today, thanks to their ability to catch attention without going overboard. Here are some designs you might want to try:


Use cube threader earrings to add elegance and mystery to your overall look.


You do not need to wear expensive clothes to gain more confidence in your look. Just match a pair of the classic ball threader earrings with your favourite day or evening wear. The accessory is so versatile that you can also use it with just denim jeans and a simple top.


Drop threader earrings are the best accessories to highlight the beauty of a strapless gown or ultra-feminine dress. Your date on a romantic night out will surely be mesmerised as the tear and pear shaped forms exude elegance.


Are you in search of a look that can take you from day until night? Use tablet embellished threader earrings to add more sophistication and glamour. This accessory goes well for both classic and casual outfits.

Stay in Style with Threader Earrings for Women from Ice Jewellery

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