THOMAS SABO at Ice Online

THOMAS SABO is an innovative worldwide jewellery and watches brand.

With a high level of competence in design and excellent workmanship, THOMAS SABO regularly develops new, innovative designs which all poss the same trademark qualities - love of detail, functionality and wearability. THOMAS SABO products also meet the highest standards - only high quality materials such as 925 sterling silver and zirconia stones are used, as well as 14 carat yellow gold, SI diamonds, stainless steel and ceramic.

The THOMAS SABO brand stands for extraordinary design and versatility, and Ice currently sells five different lines:

- THOMAS SABO Sterling Silver - Rebel at Heart and Glam & Soul address a broad target group. Strikingly rocking, playful or timelessly elegant, the collection offers the right piece of jewellery for every individual, style and occasion.

- THOMAS SABO Karma Beads - Karma Beads give positive energy, fortune and personal Karma Style.

- THOMAS SABO Charm Club - With the Charm Club, the trend for charm bracelets reaches new, glittering heights. The Charm fans' passion for collecting is regularly reignited with the latest motifs and bracelet elements. The new spring summer Charm Club Collection features summery-fresh accents for the new season. Warm red represents passion and Charms with radiant yellow gold and rose gold plating offer fashionable accents, while cool blue hues guarantee a clear head on those hot summer days. Now nothing will stand in the way of a radiantly colourful summer.

- THOMAS SABO Sweet Diamonds - Sweet Diamonds is delicate and beautifully crafted sterling silver jewellery, adorned with a real diamond and framed by gold

- THOMAS SABO Watches - All existing collections are harmoniously coordinated with each other and can be combined in a variety of ways which go beyond the limits of the individual collection lines. This particular feature is rarely seen in the jewellery and watch segment.

- THOMAS SABO Sale Items - at Ice, we offer an extensive range of discontinued product that has been heavily discounted.

At Ice Online, you'll find a great selection of THOMAS SABO jewellery at the best prices! All of the jewellery is made using high-end materials such as 925 Sterling Silver and 18K yellow and rose gold plating. All THOMAS SABO products are stamped with the official THOMAS SABO logo and come beautifully packaged in an original THOMAS SABO box / pouch.

We are committed to selling only the best quality jewellery and have thousands of happy customers who agree.

Our top seller is the THOMAS SABO Black Obsidian Bracelet.

NEW - Karma Beads

THOMAS SABO KARMA BEADS give positive energy, fortune and personal Karma Style.

THOMAS SABO celebrates life. The sources of inspiration for the new Karma Beads Collection are a positive attitude towards life and the beautiful things in life. Unique and Extremely personal jewellery combinations can be created with the beautifully-detailed 'Wheel of Karma' pendant and the 72 Karma Beads. Thomas SABO has focused on artful craftsmanship and exquisite materials. The designs are based from the Glam & Soul and Rebel at Heart collections. Filigree beads have artful patterns or adorned with stone. They have yellow or rose gold plating and create real style statements.

In addition to the beads, THOMAS SABO has developed two new Sterling Silver bracelets, necklaces and earrings. All selected beads can be added as desired with different stopper elements varying the position of the beads on the bracelet. Just one bead or many, the result varies for every individual.

To ensure everyone finds their personal Karma style, most other items of jewellery from the Sterling Silver collections compliment the Karma Beads, offering the possibility of combining many favourite pieces.

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