THOMAS SABO Watches: Modern Creations, Classic Elegance

Innovation has been THOMAS SABO's main brand. Through this, it has become renowned across and outside Lauf an der Pegnitz, Southern Germany, and is slowly taking over the world.

It now has 380 workers in Germany alone, and over 1,300 employees globally via Stockholm, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Sydney. With its presence felt in sixty-six countries around the world, it is able to showcase its exceptional approach to the beauty industry and mainly to the jewellery and timepiece segment. In fact, THOMAS SABO watches are among the best in the world, popular both to fashion enthusiasts and designers.

Going against the Flow as the New Trend

In line with innovation, THOMAS SABO watches always go along and against the trend. Its watches are not limited to the elegant or the classy, as it also embodies designs those of the cutting-edge, rebellious, punk, glam, soul, and dark. This makes the entire collection ideal for all festive events, be it for the stylish or just for casual, everyday leisure looks.

In THOMAS SABO's own words, their entire collection is Rock 'n' Roll meets business, lady meets fashionista, sportiness meets elegance, and classic design meets style. All these result to striking dials with skulls or lily crosses in the Rebel at heart line, glittering pave zirconia, and timelessly elegant designs in the Glam & Soul collection.

THOMAS SABO analogue and digital watches are characterised by their astonishing exceptional design, which is delivered through dazzling material and finish quality of the highest craftsmanship.

A painstaking glance at every THOMAS SABO watch will make you see how inventive and exceptional it is, that having one around your wrist is everybody's dream. All timepieces have cases made from top-notch designer stainless steel or ceramic, and their straps are made out of high-end leather or silicon rubber.

Buy THOMAS SABO Watches Australia Online

THOMAS SABO's unique eccentricity and adherence to the fashionable dark and stylish made it popular to the youth, young adults, and the modishly laidback. For reasons unconventional, majority of Ice Jewellery's THOMAS SABO buyers come from the industry of music, sports, and films; meaning it has captured the attention of the artistic. THOMAS SABO online watches for sale are amongst the most-loved in all our products, and our customer come from and outside Australia.

THOMAS SABO's stylistically rebellious design is perfect for every occasion, especially to artistically driven events, as well as to formal, style-demanding affairs.

Find your favourite THOMAS SABO online through our wide-ranging catalogue, and let us help you have the perfect timepiece that suits your fashion taste!