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Tag Heuer Monaco: Daring and Excellence

How legendary can a watch be? Prior to the debut of Tag Heuer Monaco, watchmakers had not been able to create the perfect water-resistant square type cases, the reason why only circular dial watches were seen during the 1960s. Tag Heuer shook up the watch-making industry when it launched the ground-breaking Tag Heuer Monaco, the world's first square automatic chronograph, in 1969 in honour of the Monaco Grand Prix.

A year later, the popularity of Tag Heuer Monaco further soared when Steve McQueen chose to wear it in Le Mans, a movie that recounted the story of two teams competing at Le Mans, France, the world's most difficult endurance race course. McQueen wore the Chronomatic Calibre 11, which became known as McQueen Monaco. More than 40 years since it was first launched, Tag Heuer Monaco remains an icon of daring and excellence.

A Closer Look at Tag Heuer Monaco

Tag Heuer Monaco is a series of automatic wristwatch that first appeared in 1969. It was discontinued in the mid 70s but in 1998, it was reissued with a new design. In 2003, it was reintroduced with new mechanisms. Despite the changes, the original Monaco design remains unchanged and continues to amaze watch lovers all over the world.

The iconic timepiece has a pair of pushbuttons found at the 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock positions. At the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions are the dials for the minute and hour counters respectively. Then located at the 6 o'clock position is a hand-applied date window. Look close and you'll see the diamond-tipped horizontal hours indexes. The timepiece is water resistant for up to 100 metres. It has a security system bracelet that prevents accidental opening.

Buying Tag Heuer Monaco

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Based on Tag Heuer, it is the next step forward in the development of the iconic McQueen Monaco. Tag Heuer chronograph watches are the official timekeepers of the Monaco Grand Prix. They are renowned as the pinnacle of Swiss watch precision timekeeping.

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