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Wearing and Caring for your Swarovski Australia

Kate Winslet, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Miranda Kerr – these are just some of the well-known celebrities who have been adorning their necks and arms with Swarovski element jewellery. Swarovski Australia crystals are luxury, high-grade and naturally brilliant crystals. They are of a unique crystals which makes Swarovski perfect for formal or non-formal occasions. They can be worn in many different ways.

Swarovski earrings: are they genuine Swarovski crystals?

Because of its popularity and high demand, a number of manufacturers began creating crystals which look a lot like Swarovski. There are two ways to determine whether your pair of Swarovski earrings is genuinely made from the finest crystals.

First, check the logo. Swarovski has been one of the longest running and world’s largest crystal supplier. It has used a lot of different logos over the years of its existence. From 1976 to 1988, Swarovski earrings had a Square Silver Crystal SC logo. From 1987 to present, a sCs or SCS logo (Swarovski Crystal Society) appears in every jewellery. Since 1989, however, a Swan logo is also being used.

Second, if you cannot find a logo because the crystals are used by a third party designer, you can still be sure that those Swarovski elements earrings are authentic by purchasing from a well-known and trusted jeweller like Ice Jewellery.

Cleaning Swarovski elements rings is easy

Once you have found the genuineness of your jewellery, another challenging task is maintaining its longevity and brilliance. Chemicals can easily discolour and damage Swarovski elements rings. Hence, always make sure to remove them when washing hands or having a dip in the pool. Also, follow this mantra when wearing your jewellery with Swarovski crystals: save the best for last. After you have put on all your creams, lotions, and make-up, then put on your jewellery. Aside from this, it is important to polish your Swarovski rings regularly with a soft lint-free cloth or the Swarovski Polishing Cloth.

Exceptional ways to wear Swarovski Australia

Whether as earrings or rings, there are very traditional ways to wear Swarovski Elements Australia jewellery. Some unique styles to wear these crystals include: as a backward necklace, brooch, hair accessory, and anklet.

Fashion trends today usually reveal the sexiness of a woman’s back. A great way to accentuate that long, sexy back is to dangle a backward necklace. Plain, chic dresses, on the other hand, can be accessorised with a giant Swarovski Australia brooch. Boho-chic fashion can be a notch higher and completed with a crystal hair ornament. Meanwhile, anklets help maintain the continuity of a high-low hemmed dress. In whichever way you wear Swarovski Australia, you are sure to look gorgeous and in style.

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