Square Engagement Rings


Express Sincere Love with Square Engagement Rings

You have chosen to marry the woman of your dreams. But do you have an idea what engagement ring to give when you propose? Picking the right ring from among the many engagement rings is not an easy task. There are essential things to consider before you arrive at the perfect ring that will complement your gorgeous bride-to-be. For ring experts, it is important to pay great attention to the style and personality of the wearer. After putting your efforts in determining the four C's (clarity, colour, cut, carat), know first the shape of the stone your future fiancee wants.

Start a Beautiful Future with Square Engagement Rings

There is a great difference between cut and shape. Shape describes the stone's geometry, while cut concerns the angles of the stone's facet. Diamond and morganite solitaires in intricate cuts are among the favourites. Round brilliant stones are also by far the most popular of the solitaires, but each shape has its own charm and special allure. Solitaires that

feature princess-cut or square engagement rings can also be an elegant pick.

Modern day brides are opting to go the less traditional route of square engagement rings. Although they are slightly cheaper than rings with round brilliant cut stones, square engagements rings do not fail to make everyone stop and stare. They are truly romantic and unique.

Another notable phenomenon is that square engagement rings can only be made from rough stone crystals. Displaying an excellent quality and top-notch form, square engagement rings entail a cleaner rough as well. Square stones have exacting proportions. This symmetry allows the rings to gather more light and exhibit increased brilliance.

Tugging your Heartstrings with Square Engagement Rings

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