Solitaire Engagement Rings


Solitaire Engagement Rings for the One

You know when you've met The One. There is no hesitation, only certainty. You know for a fact that this is the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with. And since asking for her hand in marriage is a special event, nothing but the best among solitaire engagement rings will suffice. Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring among the many solitaire engagement rings in a shop can be overwhelming, so you must plan ahead and do your research before making your final choice, and an impulsive buy won't do in this case!

Tips in Choosing Solitaire Engagement Rings

Here are some tips to make the task of choosing a ring for your would-be fiancee easier:

Set a budget

Knowing beforehand how much you are willing to pay makes the shopping easier. Otherwise, you might end up paying for something you couldn't afford to begin with. There's nothing romantic about paying for a ring that will cost a hole in your pocket, when you have a wedding to think of. When buying online, use the price range filter to come up with search results of solitaire engagement rings that are within your budget.

Find out what she wants

Because the engagement proposal is clandestine in nature, you have to be very subtle when doing your research. Be observant in what kind of jewellery she prefers to wear. Is there any particular gemstone that seems to be her favourite thing to wear? Her birthstone, perhaps? What kind of personality does your girlfriend have? Is she the outgoing, life-of-the-party type? Then perhaps choosing something from sparkly and glitzy solitaire engagement rings would fit her best. Is she the simple, girl-next-door type? Then perhaps something elegant and understated would fit her style. There's also nothing wrong with asking for help from her mom, sister, and friends to know her preferences.

Find out her ring size

Here comes the tricky part. There is nothing worse than picking out the perfect ring in the wrong size. Just imagine her saying yes when you pop the question, but you can't, for the life of you, figure out how to put the ring in her hand. Awkward, right? In order to maintain the surprise, try to borrow one of the rings that she doesn't use all too often from her jewellery box to have it measured.

Show your Commitment with Solitaire Rings

Nothing says I will love you for the rest of my life quite like a solitaire engagement ring. While a ring studded with several stones has its appeal, a solitaire ring is decidedly more elegant, more timeless, and more visually arresting, especially when it is done right.

Significance of Solitaire Engagement Rings

For the romantic, a solitaire ring - defined as a ring with a single stone - can mean commitment to the highest level, a symbolism that for your fiance, you are his one and only. Solitaire wedding rings and engagement rings are rings with a single diamond or gem stone set against some metal. It is the popular choice for those looking for a classic, no-frills design. It is inconspicuous enough that it will not call too much attention, but never unremarkable. It is perfect for women who want just the right amount of elegance and timelessness.

Solitaire Wedding Rings: The Classic Choice

Contrary to popular belief, solitaire rings are neither boring nor uncreative. There are some people who do not appreciate its stark simplicity because they feel that they have not been given a lot of liberty to customise their rings. This is definitely not the case. While by definition, solitaire wedding rings only have one stone, you can still play around with the aesthetics and the different elements of your ring to ensure that you can have a bespoke ring that speaks volumes about the kind of woman you are, and your relationship with your significant other.

First, you have to decide on your gem stone. Diamonds are the most popular choice for their beauty, value, and one of a kind lustre, but you can also opt for more colourful stones, such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. After all, there is no rule that says you cannot have a colourful engagement or wedding ring. You also need to choose your metal wisely. White gold or platinum are classic options and will never go out of style, but yellow gold also works. A lot of people may be hesitant to choose rose gold as their metal, but it has its unique appeal - it is decidedly feminine and unique.

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