What is a smartwatch?

It kind of says it in the name, but a smartwatch is a watch that features a computer instead of a watch face. A smartwatch can usually do many things, such as show the time, track how many steps you do, your heart rate and calories burnt. Depending on the brand, a smartwatch can do many other things, so check the manufacturer to see the exact features of your smartwatch.

A smartwatch usually connects to your phone and uses the data from the phone to appear conveniently on your wrist. Most smartwatches can show any text messages, incoming phone call, reminders or any other notifications. Smartwatches are pretty handy devices to own!

Smartwatches on the rise

Smartwatches are gaining more and more popular due to their various functions. The original smartwatches had very limited functions and were very expensive. Nowadays, smartwatches are everywhere and have a huge variety of features depending on how much you spend. No matter your budget, there's a smartwatch that suits your needs.

Some more expensive and sophisticated smartwatches have blood pressure monitors, heart beat sensors and fall detection. Depending on your lifestyle needs, a smartwatch can actually save people's lives and can call the ambulance if you have a medical episode while wearing the watch. Please note: check your manufacturers details before purchasing a smartwatch to ensure it suits your lifestyle and medical needs.

What else can a smartwatch do?

You might think that these watches are multi-function, but they could genuinely help your life. Depending on the brand, they're water-resistant and are generally durable. You could wear a smartwatch to the beach for a surf then go straight to a dinner date with no worry. Battery-life ranges from model to model but they generally last at least a day, so there is no need for charging in the middle of the day.

Our smartwatch pick of the bunch

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