Skull Necklaces


Tough Guys Wear a Skull Necklace

Trying to find a nice jewellery gift for that special man in your life? But what if he isn't fond of wearing fancy jewellery? There are some men who think that jewellery is just for women. There are some men who'd rather wear leather accessories than jewellery because they make them feel more masculine. There are men who won't wear jewellery unless they know, look, and feel that it costs a whole lot. But what if you give that special man in your life something that will make him feel masculine and like a rock star? Let him wear a skull necklace!

Famous Rock Stars Wear a Skull Necklace

Rock stars, future rock stars, aspiring rock stars, and feeling rock stars wear a skull necklace, a skull ring, or anything with a skull design. It's almost like an identification card or a mark that you've made it, or that you will make it. When did this start and who started this skull jewellery trend? Most people credit it to Rolling Stones front liner Keith Richards, who was almost always seen sporting a skull ring during his appearances, even way back into the 1970s. Keith Richards had customised skull rings from London's Courts and Hackett. It has become his trademark, and so has every soul who wanted to enter the rock scene followed suit. More contemporary rock stars like Axel Rose and Steven Tyler are known to have worn and still wear skull bracelets or rings. Men who idolise these rock stars therefore wish to have a skull jewellery of their own.

What it Means to Wear a Skull Necklace

The symbolism of the skull can be traced back to the 4th century, and is even apparent for Christianity doctrines, together with symbols of the devil, opposite saints, and crucifixes. But for rock stars, the skull is closest to that of a pirate's flag. It represents rebellion, being an outlaw, and living beyond the rules. Though pirates had a negative reputation, men still prefer the skulls symbolism because it represents masculinity and strength.

Thus, skull jewellery such as a skull necklace are very much in demand nowadays. Along with this demand, however, come fake sites and sources of jewellery. If you are going to purchase a skull necklace as a gift for your special someone, make sure you are doing the right thing by sourcing it from an authentic jeweller.

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