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Show The World Your Sparkle With A Silver Bangles

Bracelets are one of the chic fashion accessories that a woman must have. Bracelets can be fun and classy, and can liven up your daily outfit. One of the most popular types of bracelets are bangles, which are bracelets that are of fixed circular shape. They come in different colours and different materials; some of them are chunky, some slim, while others are subtle.

A silver bangle is a classic way of spicing up any ensemble. Add a touch of class to your everyday look or instantly glam up for a formal event.

The silver bangle is perfect to style up any look. Unlike other colours, silver goes well with any skin tone. No matter your skin tone, silver will not make you look paler nor jaundiced.

Make A Statement With A Stack Of Sterling Silver Bangles

Bare wrists are boring. Silver bangles can add a subtle touch of drama. If you want subdued and quiet elegance, a single silver bangle is what your wrist needs. When stacked, silver bangles can make quite a statement. Draw attention to your long and slender arms with a stack of silver bangles. Wear them with a body hugging sleeveless gown and you will certainly be the belle of the party.

Spruce Up Your Daily Office Wear

What makes silver bangles great pieces of investment is that they are quite flexible. You can put them on with your casual look, or you can wear them with your daily corporate attire to make your office look stand out. What sets silver apart is that it can be both feminine yet tough. It can add charm to a simple shift dress, or can lend some sparkle to a plain, black business suit.

Wearing Silver Bangles Could Have Health Benefits

There are many claims to the health benefits that silver jewellery offer. For one, it is said to have excellent anti-bacterial properties. It is believed that silver is toxic to some bacteria and viruses. Silver is also said to aid in cold and flu prevention, healing of wounds, and skin care and also helps in the regulation of our internal body heat and circulation.

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