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Traditions of a Signet Ring

Signet rings have been around for centuries. They were traditionally used as a way for people to stamp important documents by dipping your signet ring in hot wax and sealing these documents. People traditionally wore signet rings that contained their family crest, and were only worn by wealthy people to demonstrate their extensive wealth.

Nowadays, people wear them purely for the fashion aspect. They usually come in silver or gold and are reasonably chunky. These rings usually don't contain gemstones but gemstone signet rings are on the popularity rise as of late. They come in a vast majority of shapes and sizes to suit various finger sizes and fashion statements.

Why wear a signet ring?

These unique pieces of jewellery go with literally everything and are suitable for a variety of different ring combinations. These rings make a big statement and are the perfect choice for an everyday or formal look, and everything in between.

A signet ring can also be worn on any finger you like - there is no tradition finger to wear this type of ring on. Ensure you double check your ring size as these rings are chunkier then a normal ring. 


Add some pride and history to your personal style and add a statement signet ring to your ring collection today. 

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